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  1. Well, That sounds really cool, but for beginners like me, that's far too difficult, I'm afraid.
  2. Thank you for your share and advices! As to the 3rd-party libs' problems, it's mainly due to the incompatibility between Visual Studio and these libs. Of course, most of these problems are presented as warnings, and you can eliminate them by lowering your warning levels, but I don't think that's a perfect idea.
  3. Classically, people would recommend beginning game programming with C++ and DirectX, but due to their complicatedness, it's not so easy to create even a 2D-game with these two tools, let alone 3D-games. So quite often, we'll see people use a lot of 3rd party libraries imported to Visual Studio, and these libraries are quite happy to create a lot of warnings when compiled, which isn't so beautiful. A few months ago, while playing a mini-game of WeChat's "mini program", I found it simple enough, yet quite amazing! And later I learned it was created by JavaScript. Now I want to learn this new language, but I wonder if it is a right approach to creating 2D-, even 3D-games. By "right", I don't mean I want it to create complex games, but just to help me learn and understand the basics of creating a mini game.
  4. Well, after over one month's investigation, finally I found the only thing that was responsible for this malfunction was my antivirus software. If I shut if down, everything is fine!
  5. I am currently reading <Artificial Intelligence for Games (Second Edition)> written by Ian Millingto and John Funge. In Chapter 2, I have some difficulty understanding the "Most Constrained" heuristic. The words in the book are as follows:     Well, basically I have two questions: First, what does it mean? Especially, the "states" in Paragraph 1 and the "enemy" in Paragraph 2 confused me. Second, what is the reason for this heuristic? Why does the fewest number of states has the greatest priority?   So can somebody help me? ^_^    
  6. Hello, guys! I am currently running into a problem, which seems to be relevant to the Left Alt key. At first, I was playing <Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2> on my office PC. I had played this game on my laptop before, and everything was OK. I liked to set the block operation to the "LALT" key, because that seemed the best idea (much better than LCONTROL or LSHIFT). But this time something strange happend: I just cannot set this operation as LALT! Nor could I set it to LSHIFT! Wow, that was really a nightmare! I tried to search this problem on the Internet, but most of them just said "turn off your Fraps!" Oh, come on! I didn't open Fraps at all! I think it might have something to do with the key itselt. But Alt+Tab works very well when switching among active apps. Then I opened a DirectX 9 program I studied long long ago and tested it with the LALT key---I set the descending operation to LALT. Well, something amazing happens: It looked as if the LALT key can only work during the first press! Once you released it, it just stopped working until you clicked the app window with your mouse! That's quite unacceptable!       So what do you think is the reason for the problem? The office PC is double-screened. Could that be the reason? Or perhaps I really need to change my keyboard?          According to my further test, the aforementioned DirectX 9 program has the same problem with RALT, too!
  7. And a seemly more serious problem is: every model in the game scene, except the skybox, has no texture attached! That's really odd, because when I run the programs, no exceptions are thrown. But maybe the textures are to be manually loaded later?
  8. Thank you so much! Although that website didn't do me great help (seems it is about C# projects, instead of C++ projects in my problem), I found the answer elsewhere. I individually configured related projects like this: open the "Properties" window, in the Configuration drop-down list, select "All Configurations" and then go to "Configuration Properties"->"C/C++"->"General", and then disable the "Treat Warnings As Errors" field. Then finally I can build and run at least the first few projects!       However, still one problem remain: why does it show "error start processing" when I open the projects' corresponding Decoda projects and then take the debug action? Do I have to manually inform Decoda something necessary?
  9. Hello everybody! Has anybody here read the book "Learning Game AI Programming with Lua"? I'm interested in Game AI Programming, and I found this book an excellent guidance. But it seems that I can do nothing at all for now (maybe except that I successfully created a VS 2012 solution file), because when I tried to build the first project, chapter_1_introduction, I got tons of error messages. Since the errors are really too many, it's not practical to paste them here; however, if it can really help solve the problem, I copied the first few lines here:     I think this may have something to do with the project settings; for example, configuring the DirectX SDK's header files and libs may be necessary. In fact, I have tried to do that, but it didn't help, and the first few lines seem to have nothing to do with DirectX. (In case it really has something to do with DirectX, my DirectX SDK is the August 2009 version.)   So how should I build these projects? The book itself said little about building projects, at least in the first 30 pages. I wish the author, Mr. Young, will pay a visit to this website and hopefully he will notice this topic and enlighten me. :lol:
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