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  1. Thanks for the hint - i have already changed it.
  2. Hello, two years ago I announced ZigZag React here now I would like to introduce a new smaller Project called "Kiosk Manager". A small game simulating a City Kiosk. Play Store Link Youtube Video! Manage you own small town Kiosk! Enjoy the experience to manage your own small Kiosk in this exciting brand new game. You have to watch carefully for the weather and upcoming events so you can sell the right products. Upgrade your Kiosk so more people will be attracted. Manage your stock and set the prices to sell as much Burgers, Coke, Fries and much more. Enjoy watching many different people visiting your Kiosk! Top features: Buy and sell many different products Uprage your Kisok See everything live in stunning 3D graphics 12 challenging levels Changing weather and great town events Unique Kiosk simulation Be the top KIOSK MANAGER in town!
  3. I saw that there was a problem with publishing - now everything should be alright
  4. Hello, I would like to introduce my new game Zig Zag React. Perhaps it reminds you on Zig Zag at the first moment, but you will see that the game control is totally different and more challenging. What do you think about the degree of difficulty - does it feel right for you?   Google play store link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.IconE.ZigZag_React Youtube link: Google play store text: Train your Coordination! Move along the wall and collect all diamonds. The colored symbols show you the directions where you can move. Press the appropriate button at the right time to control the ball.   Your coordination will improve from time to time!    How many points can you reach? Special diamonds for bonus points 5 highscores are saved Personalize your control options Increasing game speed   Play Store Images:
  5. Recently I showed you my game PicClick, now I would like to present my second new game ZoomPic. You can make certain areas of the picture visible by "zooming" in and then have to try to guess the picture. The Google Play text: Zoom in and find out! In this new and exciting puzzle game. ZOOM IN TO SEE CERTAIN AREAS OF THE IMAGES. CAN YOU GUESS THE IMAGE NOW? ZOOM IN AND FIND OUT! Hundreds of different Picture Puzzles! Use the Zoom to reveal parts of the picture. Can you solve the puzzle now? 15 different quiz categories and 3 Levels! Flying animals, flags, vegetables, sights, ground animals, how much?, satellite (pictures), numbers, nature, country outlines, fruits, skylines, historical, miscellaneous and plants. Earn stars and raise your score! Use your score to unlock new levels or use your stars for 3 helpful Jokers! See beautiful pictures ZoomPic offers you a whole new world of awesome and professional pictures. Play and enjoy all of them! English version of the quiz game All puzzles are in english language. 3 Jokers help you when you got stuck You can reveal the whole image, remove 2 wrong answers or refill your zoom points so you can zoom in again. There is also a german version of it. I would appreciate if i get some Feedback from you - Thank you very much! Here is the Google Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=xdk.intel.cordova.zoomin And some Google Play Images:       
  6. Hi! i would like to show you my new Android picture quiz game PiClick! I think it has some realy nice Puzzles you perhaps would like to solve.   Some Features from the Play Store: 150 different stunning and unique puzzels for you! 12 different quiz categories Win Stars and raise your score Hand-drawn images and Icons 3 jokers help you when you got stuck There is also a german version of it.   I would appreciate if i get some Feedback from you - Thank you very much!   Google Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=xdk.intel.crosswalk.picclick   Some Screens from the Play Store:      
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