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  1. Kasu-_-

    VGM Academy 21-day Composition challenge

    Today I got an inspiration from the Youtube "8-bit music theory" Mega Man video and composed something with authentic Mega Man feel. Hope you like it! Thoughts this far about the challenge: It's been fun and productive and the important part is to keep composing even if I don't feel like it all the time. It's been ten days and I've had to skip already 2-days but I've composed more than one track on some days. I try to keep up for the whole challenge but let's see, I have quite a lot of gigs and other music related stuff coming so it'll be tough on some days.
  2. Kasu-_-

    VGM Academy 21-day Composition challenge

    Today is the time for a fight theme. I love Chrono Cross soundtrack and tried to tackle something similar as the normal fight theme and the boss fight theme combined. Some production and extension still needed but I like it already Any opinions or advice about any of the tracks this far? I want to get a shareable version ready every day (almost) so I might polish some tracks later if I use them on my portfolio.
  3. Kasu-_-

    VGM Academy 21-day Composition challenge

    Yesterday I made three short but different tunes. Today just one but I think it's a nice progression with some borrowed chords played with an acoustic guitar and and an ocarina on the second round. I think all of the short ones still have a good base to build on a longer composition if I need or want to. Anyway here's the newest one and if you want you can listen the stuff from yesterday from my Soundcloud:
  4. Kasu-_-

    VGM Academy 21-day Composition challenge

    Here's another track: I listened to the Monkey Island soundtrack and got an inspiration for a pirate bar/saloon theme. The challenge itself has been really fun and inspiring even if it's been just few days. I've composed a lot of little themes and I try to orchestrate some of them so I can share Anyone else stepping up for the composing challenge?
  5. Is anyone else here going to take the Video Game Music Academy 21-day composition challenge? http://go.vgmacademy.com/21days It's not a competition, just for fun and to create a habit of writing music every day I signed up and I immediately started composing as I got really inspired by the checkbox Quest Logs they sent. Theres a lot of ideas what kind of compositional techniques and styles you could try and it's so much easier to start composing something with constrains than just a blank paper with every possible style. Heres a short composition I made yesterday by using some compound meters, mostly 5/4 or actually 15/12: I try to share my best pieces in this topic and you can do the same. I try to keep up writing every day at least something even if I have long weekends doing gigs. Hope many of you try this challenge also
  6. Kasu-_-

    Gold Fish Casino Slots Theme

    Great job on the instrumentation and groove! Sounds exactly what you'd want to hear on this type of game. Some melodies or actually some short lines don't seem to fit with the backing that well but nothing big. Compared to some of your other works this seems just a bit unpolished or done in a hurry but an average listener won't know anything about that, we're just so damn critical in here Anyways, it's GRRRRRRRRR-eat as Tony the Tiger would say
  7. Kasu-_-

    How to mix an acoustic duo

    Well I wrote some advices and read only afterwards that you're asking about live mixing.  :rolleyes:  But mostly the same principles work either way: I guess you've panned everything appropriately? Guitars on the sides and vocals in the center or a bit sides if it's more like a duo singing. If the guitars aren't good together, carve let's say some low middle out from the other guitar and add some to the other and maybe some nice higher middle vice versa. So that they sound at least a bit different. If it isn't working in any way and they are fighting each other maybe it's because of the arrangement of what they play, think that also. You could try some sidechain compression so that the vocals duck some middle of the guitars. (Harder to do live depending on your gear) Try to listen what frequencies are the most prominent when everything is playing together. If it's the muddy low middle take some out from guitars or vox, whichever sounds most natural. Make all the EQ fixes while everything is playing together so you'll hear how it affects the mix, not only the instrument you're working on. (Well, It's ok to do some really fine surgical EQ as a solo.) Use low pass filters if needed. No use to cut the lows too high if it isn't boomy and sounding bad. You can even boost some nice sounding lows on the guitars. I'd compress the guitars and vox a little to quite a lot depending your taste and how good the players/singers are. You're practicing in a garage so I'd say the room emphasizes the muddy and boomy low middles. Try to find the worst frequencies and cut. Mostly some random advices but they work in most situations. Cut the bad narrowly and boost the good widely  :ph34r:
  8. Kasu-_-

    Penguin Tales - Savage Medley (Epic 2D-platformer)

    I agree with nsmadsen. Nice tunes, I like the ideas and overall feel. But they really would benefit from some variations of maybe instrumentation but definitely varying rhythmic textures between songs (and inside songs). The different tunes are a bit too similar by the backing rhythms IMHO so I don't recognize them from each other. There's three elements in all the songs; drums, lead and the chordal/bass element. 1. Drums stay mostly in the same feel but they have the most variation of all the elements. 2. Lead stays mostly in the same melodic and rhythmic feel. 3. Chordal elements stay mostly in the same feel considering rhythm and similarity in hitting some 7th chords. I really would like to hear some added funkier bass lines here and there that aren't coming in all the time with the chords. And maybe some longer chords/pads or something like that. Don't take this as a too bad criticism, you're doing great! Just some hints for you to think :)
  9. Kasu-_-

    Music for a fantasy film project

    Sounds really good, I like especially the horns :) Some points: - Some of the instruments sound really dry. Try the same reverb for all instruments to glue them better to the same room. - Your piece has potential to grow to a huge epic march towards the end. I would add more loud percussion and use the whole string section and actually the whole orchestra in the end.  Maybe from the ascending line at 2:20 could be played by winds, strings and harp like John Williams would do and keep going with bigger orchestration. Sounds like the velocities on all instruments are just a bit too low. Now it sounds like the rhythm sections have to keep themselves down though they want to blast the piece out of hell. Of course I understand if this isn't your intention. - Is the instrument at the beginning of the piece supposed to be a guitar or some keyboard instrument? It sounds fine but if the intention is to sound like a guitar it's a bit off. Needs more low middle in any case IMHO. And there's a small glitch at 0:29. Just some small points to keep you busy ;)
  10. The actual composition is nice. You could make a lot more out of it by balancing things better. - I think the panning is a little bit too wide at least for the strings which makes me distracted. - Check some of the lines once more so that they play better together. For example 0:23 the lines are not accurate. - Strings sound distant compared to everything else. Have you tweaked the volume or are you using just velocity to make things quiet or strong? Velocity is always the way to go after every track is balanced roughly with the volume. (Different libraries might have different volume levels) - In the crescendo I would take more instruments in. At least all the string groups for a while to make it sound lusher and more balanced. You can double and triple things. - Instruments sound like they're from different libraries. Some are close mic'd and some further away. Use some shared reverbs to make them glue more together.
  11. Kasu-_-

    BOOR: Original Soundtrack

    Really good work!   I've listened about 10 first tracks now and everything is really nice and atmospheric. What synths & vst-instruments are you using mostly?   BTW lately I've been analyzing a lot of the Final Fantasy VII OST and there's something similar in your soundtrack also. I don't know what is it actually but I get the same kind of vibes from both. Maybe the instrumentation is somewhat similar sounding and the use of delays.
  12. Kasu-_-

    First time here. Feedback on vibes?

      Really! :DD I had no idea that was the name of the game :D
  13. Kasu-_-

    First time here. Feedback on vibes?

      :DDDDDD   That's some great feedback :D   I've never used any real hardware modulars. Just tried some vst stuff like Reaktor. Sounds good and the flow in the song is nice. And it really sounds like Rainbow Island would sound in my head. Actually way back there was a game on Amiga (I think) where you build/shoot rainbows and climb up. This would fit perfectly on that game :)
  14. I'd say wav and ogg. Wav is simple but big sized. It's seamless to read so no gaps between different music parts. Even though ogg-files don't have metadata in them as opposed to mp3-files they can still create some gaps when read (or converted) by the game engine. Mp3-files have metadata so there's always some empty in them.   Most likely the wav-files are still converted/compressed in the audio middleware depending on the platform.   If you're asking about what format you should deliver your files in it depends on the game developers and what they're using and what are the space limitations for the audio. But I'd say 24bit 48kHz Wav-file is the best format to start and convert from there if needed.
  15. I use the Media Explorer inside Reaper. You can create databases inside it or just choose every sfx-folder you have and use the search. Of course your audio files have to be named correctly and even better if they have some kind of a BWF Description also. For example the wave file could be named: "Whoosh Throw Hard 01" And the BWF: "THROW WHOOSH BODY FALL DROP HARD. A combined movement of whooshes and body drops. Some bone cracks"   When you have everything named correctly it's really easy to just use the search. In Reaper Media Explorer you can preview the file instantly and choose which part of it you want to use by selecting and dragging. I use Reaper for everything so it's easy for me but if you use some other DAW you might wanna check some other softwares.
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