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  1. I'm going to go do something else now

    What is this graphics program you are using? I need one for my projects!
  2. Ugh.

    Well at least you will get to serve delicious caffine! [lol] But congratulations none the less. [smile]
  3. Ugh.

    Ministry? Details....give me details as to what you are doing (don't have to give away the secret though). Are you still going into game developement though? [smile]
  4. Poll! (sort of)

    I'm sure this has been asked before, however, Who here actually has a job in the game devlopment industry (including art and or programming of course)? Be as specific as you can as far as what you do and what it is like in the place you work. [cool]
  5. Beginning AI

    What reasources would one need to begin studying AI? I can't deccide if I want to go towards Graphics or AI programming for game programming so I need some reasources but necessarily just beginner reasources for AI.
  6. Opengl

    What does one need to compile opengl? I've tried to find the software needed, but with no sucess.
  7. carmack is handsome

    [help] What are you talking about?
  8. I'm leaving this unhelpful site

    This board is plenty helpful (as well as the site) maybe it is you who is the problem. [flaming] As far as the community, this site has the best one I can find except for maybe the IGDA. However, this site is more enjoyable. As far as the rating system, who cares what its for as it is not going to hurt you if you get a low rating. Additionaly, what are the names of these friends you refer to.
  9. The new Blender version is fun

    I understand now [totally]
  10. The new Blender version is fun

    Why is there no shirt?
  11. The new Blender version is fun

    hmmmm..........that is indeed a cute little robot.
  12. webcomics

    I don't think this topic has been around before. So are there any webcomics that any of you enjoy reading?