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  1. RagingPandaHeresy

    Game servers?

    Depends on where you put the game, If you make a mobile game for Android then you'd upload it to google playstore and the people only need to download the game off the store, or if you're using a game website like kongregate for browser games, same again they can play in the browser using Kongregates stuff.    Of course if you want to direct people to your own website to download the games you'd need to mess around with servers and hosting for yourself that way.
  2. RagingPandaHeresy

    Mobile Developement Engine

    Thanks for the tip! 
  3. Steven's Third Attempt At Gameart.. Ground Tiles...
  4. Gained 16 new followers in the past week. I’m growing my account the right way, are you? Do it with https://t.co/wwsPtZPahY
  5. RagingPandaHeresy

    First Art Attempt

    So I'm just a programmer who hasn't really ever tried to draw any game art,. Always worried I'll fail dramatically! I found a couple of courses on Udemy and well this is my result :D (There's not exactly any unique designs or anything but its still decent.. I did go a bit over the top with Lighting and Shadowing this time round though)
  6. RagingPandaHeresy

    [Free] Combat Commando 3D Shooter

        It is only on Google Play store so kinda gives it away lol
  7. RagingPandaHeresy

    Just need some start advice...

        Thanks for the list! Its actually really good :D And yeah a few people have pointed me to opengameart but I always seem to forget to give it a proper go BUT that kenney.. WOW :D Thanks! That will certainly keep me busy!! I've got millions of things from there now!! (Not millions but you know) Even if they just serve as placeholders to show people the plan.. :P Awesome sauce!! :D
  8. RagingPandaHeresy

    Just need some start advice...

    Ha ha, I like this ...    I read somewhere that a lot of "new" ideas plummet and never really get the credit until someone else come's along and remakes that idea, A great approach is to just modify or amplify an existing "idea", And then it went on to talk about that flappy birds and how so many people made another version that got some interest and then one guy came along and blasted them out of the water.. (I don't read as much as I should and I forget half the important details) Would you agree to that?    Yeah I didn't actually think that "FPS RPG" would come under creative control, but I guess it does lol. I suppose I do care to some degree BUT I still will make anything, I don't wanna sit back and demand a specific style to be made, I like the idea of teams deciding together (Which doesn't always work out well :P )   Great advice, Thank you all :),, 
  9. RagingPandaHeresy

    2D Transforms 101

  10. RagingPandaHeresy

    Leading the Target

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