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  1. Jon Stewart post-9/11 speech

    Quote:Original post by Rain 7 This event has since affected millions of lives. I hate nomad and everything he says, so don't take this as support for him. It only affected millions of lives because people let it. It should have affected 2749 people and their families/friends, no more. It's a pity people let it be such a success.
  2. impossible game

    yeah if you rewind it doesn't reset your number of clicks.
  3. Only in the Netherlands! (I'm disgusted)

    I punched a pedophile in the face today.
  4. Need help with an old mac.

    Yeah I've got a mac->pc monitor adapter. You can't have it though.
  5. Google Top 100 - Testament to intellegence?

    Just me who finds them exactly unfunny then?
  6. Take a quick look through google's top 100 list. Does the nature of videos the majority of people watch say something about the type of mental stimulation they enjoy?
  7. Post random facts about yourself

    Quote:Original post by slowpid I once climbed V4, which might impress only me here. I once climber 5.12C, which might impress someone here. The real question is, trad or sport? (or TR...)
  8. Untitled

    I punched a girl in the face today.
  9. If you want a pretty OS...

    With all this hoo-har about making OS's rediculously pretty to the point your computer barely goes (see: MacOS X and Vista), how about this: Making a chrome/glass theme, and using the user's webcam to render reflections/lighting on to the windows/buttons/features? Wouldn't that look totally sweet? (It may have been done, I dunno)
  10. Splitting LAN cable

    I think no, if you wire one up it won't work.
  11. It's runnin...

    Needs a roll cage type thing so it wont smack you into the ground.
  12. Today is f'in awesome... (new pics)

    Holy crap. Do like, what was it called, Mech Warrior, but VR. Totally, and I mean totally, do it.
  13. real life ninjas flipping out

    I'm gonna learn backflips this year at the beach. I figure on the dunes would be good
  14. real life ninjas flipping out

    Torrent it!!
  15. Mailing listerizer

    Maybe I'll try Yahoo groups, but then I'll have to put up with their sigs etc. The problem with using an email client is everyone on the list has to change/add addresses all the time.
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