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    Which 3d program

    Quote:Original post by Professor420 If you're just doing modelling, I've heard very good things about Modo and Silo. Maya's free, pretty full featured learning edition is called the PLE (Personal Learning Edition). Max's learning edition is called GMax. They have stopped supporting it, but you'll be able to find a copy of it somewhere. It has most, if not all, of 3dstudio's modelling features (and it can export as .3ds). If you are looking at trying to learn 3DS Max, then GMax is probably a good way to go. However, I don't think it can export .3ds (from my memory). It can only save in its own format (although it can import .3ds files), and in formats specified by game packs. Plugins for 3DS Max do work on GMax for the most part though, and you can use a .MD3 exporter for instance to export your models, then import them in another program and convert to your needs. If you're looking for it, I think it can still be downloaded at www.turbosquid.com
  2. Zealot

    Need more Space! Addition Hard Drives!

    Going with a RAID array is probably not what you want. It's not tough, all you'd need is a raid controller card (which fits into a PCI slot like any other expansion card), and at least two identical hard drives (space at least, I think). However, you would need to reformat the drives, which would erase any of your data. The easiest method to add more space is to just buy another drive I guess. External ones are probably more convenient. If you have any IDE ports left open in your computer, you could just buy another internal one, but with 2 HDDs and [probably] a CD drive, that's not guaranteed. As stated prior, you could just get another controller card (never done this myself) and another disk. Just be sure to check their compatibility.
  3. Zealot

    laptop problem

    I agree that it could either be heating or the battery. I've read that the batteries in laptops can cause all sorts of grief and strife, so if you can find yourself another battery to test in it, that'd be great. The battery in mine is going bad I think, so it's probably a relatively common thing. If it works fine in other games and intensive applications, then that's a bit more complicated. Did this suddenly arise or has it been like this all along?
  4. Zealot

    Finally happened (weird hardware failure)

    I actually had that exactly happen to my ATI Radeon 9700 pro. It was screwed up before then, but when my display started getting garbled for no apparent reason, I decided to buy a new video card (this one wouldn't install drivers correctly, odd stuff other than that too). When I pulled the old one out, the fan had fallen off, and one of the wires had come loose! Who knows how long it had been that way? I hope it doesn't happen to my 9800 pro.
  5. Zealot

    Commerical game engine pricing?

    Really, probably because you would turn white when you saw the price. And they know it. Or, maybe because the price varies depending on too many circumstances and they have to 'quote' it for you? It's like that for plenty of stuff on the internet.
  6. Zealot

    Put your hands up

    I'm just getting tired of good older shows dying off in favor of new crap. I want the good old Johnny Bravo, Freakazoid, etc back. I only watch cartoons so I can't comment on TV as a whole.
  7. Zealot

    Just a question

    Idle Function: It depends, it would sound like you're using basecode from someone/somewhere. It should be possible, just place the needed code. It does depend on what the idle function is supposed to do, sort of like placing a call to a function to redraw a window in the idle function causing the program to go into an uncontrolled loop. Post the function and what it does in relation to your program. LINE_STRIP vs POLYGON This is probably because you are using a set of points that POLYGON doesn't work with. Remember that with GL_POLYGON, OpenGL draws an edge with each point being a 'corner' of it. Thus, they need to be in a roughly circular pattern, and either all listed clockwise or counter clockwise. If you don't do this, GL may draw it horribly distorted, depening on what points you pass to it. Again, please post the code from glBegin(GL_POLYGON) to glEnd().
  8. Zealot

    Problem with stupid rebooting pc

    Plenty could be wrong with it. Almost certainly, it's caused by hardware. It could be the motherboard, power supply, memory, hard disk, or a PCI or AGP card disagreeing. To be safe, I would remove everything not needed to run Windows. Take out sound cards, LAN cards, or anything not needed. Reformat and reinstall if needed. If possible, use new RAM and a new powersupply. If it still won't work, you could try taking the hard drive to another system and seeing if it will boot (last ditch to make sure the hard disk isn't busted). It could simply be a PCI card that died. I had a modem get fried that caused stupid stuff like the system rebooting randomly. Video card died and it wouldn't boot into safe mode without repair installing. In the above situations, if drivers aren't needed to run the device (Video Card for example), don't install them, let the basic stuff run. If this just started happening, drivers are unlikely, but who knows? Good luck either way.
  9. On developing for consoles, it's probably not worth it. Each console would require the core parts of it to be rewritten to interface correctly, but like you said some may require little work (XBox is based off of C++ / DirectX I think. The gamecube uses OpenGL instead I think, and the playstation uses its own thing, and not even C++). I suppose you could try emailing Microsoft / Nintendo / Sony to get an idea of where to go to get some information. I'm pretty sure that development kits for systems are very expensive though. If your engine is as good as it sounds, it could be worth it, but overall I would probably try to stay away from console development unless you can get your hands on a development kit for cheap.
  10. Zealot

    Loading Screens

    Well, what I would recommend, and is what I've done before, is thus: Load Stuff needed for the game to start (menu, required sound effects, etc.) Display Loading Graphic Load Needed Textures Load Needed Models Load Needed Sound Effects etc. Go to menu loop When loading a level / starting a new game / etc: Display Loading Graphic Load Level Load Models Load Textures Load SFX etc. Go to game loop The loading screen itself isn't special, it's just something there for people to look at while your game calls all of its loading functions / opens models and textures. Simply put, display the image, then load all of your stuff, then go on to other parts of the game. Really, it shouldn't cause any lag in game unless your functions are loading data constantly, when it could be done all at once at start up. Sorry, don't really know any better way to put it.
  11. Zealot

    How much RAM do you have?

    640Mb, 2 x 256Mb + 128Mb. Probably enough for what I do with it. Feels like it might be a choke point on my dual 1Ghz PIII system though. I really got to upgrade to a P4 / new Athlon, my laptop's 1.6Ghz is beating it in benchmarks...
  12. Zealot


    The Parallax BASIC stamps like NQ mentioned appear to be a solid deal, but as has been stated they are quite expensive. The company that produces them though has excellent support for the product, online discussion forums for it, and all that sort of stuff. Their BOE bot kit would probably be a decent starting point, but I don't own one myself. I opted for the SX series chips. On the order of $5 or so for the whole thing, just need power and if you want over 4MHz an external clock. It however doesn't use BASIC, instead opting for assembly. (Edit: Just remembered that Parallax released a BASIC compiler for it, but I would still recommend you start with a BASIC chip) It is far more powerful though, I have a simple design planned out that with about 6-7 of these working together I could build a camera system that tracked moving targets, even while the camera pans around. (I doubt it would work though, haven't got the parts or anything yet.) A BASIC chip of some sort would be ideal, but I'm not certain how cheap you could get one. I'd still recommend the Parallax stuff (mostly the BOE bot or something), since the SX chip I got from them had excellent documentation and the like. Good luck regardless of what you choose though.
  13. Zealot

    Managing Game Interface Pointers

    Hmm, this is a bit beyond me, and I'm afraid I can't really offer any sort of code examples or anything. Perhaps I missed something (or the whole point), but could you perhaps have each module store a copy of each pointer when they are loaded, and then each 'cycle' (whatever that may be in each module, probably message based?), check the current pointer against it? Would almost certainly lead to desynchronization though. You may be able to have each module simply ask the server for a current pointer each 'cycle', but that may (almost certainly) be performance hindering. Perhaps the best solution I can think of may be that you could just do it with messages? Do you have a system set up so that the modules can communicate with each other in any way aside from variables? Perhaps the best solution would be to have whatever module keeps up with the others to issue a message when a module needs to be unloaded, and when it is reloaded, issue a new pointer? Wouldn't this be handled by the 'server'? You did say you had a 'smart pointer' set up, as a class. Perhaps you could have that use a messaging system instead of the server? Would possibly cut down on the overhead of the whole idea. Whenever the pointer detects a change it could just send a notification to the relevant modules. Again, like I said I don't know much about the specifics of such an implementation, but keeping it simple has always worked for me, and a simple message system seems like the simplest way to go. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  14. Zealot

    3d model WIP (my girlfriend)

    Excellent model so far, I've always wished I could do human/organic models worth crap, but Rhino 3D makes it a bit hard unless you're an expert (and even then, no animation). Should be interesting to see how that turns out, but like it's been said, it appears that it will need a good bit of polygon reduction, but hopefully that won't be an issue. Animation, I can't say, since I've never really gotten in to that sort of stuff. Sorry I can't offer much on proportion, the only real experience I have with proportions is with cartoons (anime, and it's obviously not what you're going for).
  15. Mmm, fusion. I'm sad to say that I doubt this reactor will be a huge step towards viable fusion energy, although it would be excellent if this reactor produced any more energy than it took in. Yes, harvesting hydrogen is relatively cheap compared to other sources, but that's beside the point. Fossil fuels run out, but we'll have water for a very, very, very long time. It's all we need to get the hydrogen. Tritium isn't needed for the reaction, but I believe that the results are more energetic if it is used, but it is radioactive, hard to find, and decays rapidly as was already stated. The byproducts of fusion are virtually harmless, usually just helium-4, and maybe helium-5 if tritium is used. However, some residual radiation is probably released, and using tritium would guarantee some neutron leakage (which is one of the more dangerous parts of radiation). However, even though fusion reactors don't meltdown, they do something worse; explode. If the reaction chamber was compromised too violently, then the reactor could become a large scale modern nuke. Not the Johny Quest 50 gigaton version, but bad news none-the-less. Still, it's a step in the right direction, and I sure hope all goes to plan. Edit: Whoops, looks like they're not even trying to produce electricity with this bad boy, just testing design and such. [Edited by - Zealot on June 28, 2005 12:22:23 PM]
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