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  1. Nexusrex

    It's back?

    Hello there guys! Hope it's all chill around. Been a while since I posted so I decided to give it a shot once again. Where is NinjaCube?! Well, it's not really a long story but anyway. After working on the underwater stage mentioned up above for a while I got to pause because I started feeling a bit of inability to continue on it and eventually started working on another level which takes place in a bit of a forest/cave area. Managed to make the first part of it and posted a GIF over twitter. Aaand then, my laptop got broken for almost two weeks. Had a bit of a 'I give up' stuff, but fortunately managed to get better gradually and had a few ideas and that sort of stuff. Finally back at the 20th with my laptop fixed and data alright, also did a backup ;P Uh, now what? After a bit of work on that level I started losing interest as well (And a lot of procrastination came in. Darn!). So I decided to go back to the underwater level, with new ideas and inspirations in mind as well as having the backgrounds with the boss ready, it would be a bit easier to start working. And here are some prototype, quite basic and normal enemies. I also am planning to go to some sort of gamedev con/gamedev gathering over here and show some of the progress, so wish me luck guys! ^^
  2. Nexusrex

    NinjaCube [Hopefully weekly] progress

    I'll be aiming to post in here the gifs, aiming to post every week or whenever I get some progress done
  3. Hello there guys! Welcome to the second post of NinjaCube's devblog. So, after releasing the other post, I started to work on a new stage, an underwater one! To set a little base before we get into the info of the new stage, NinjaCube is a having a level select system. But to avoid the difficulty problem I did make a little order which is: Training stage > 4 stages (Including the underwater one) > 4 other stages > Final stage So, what is going around with that underwater level? Basically, most of the games have underwater stages with less gravity and all that sort of stuff. So I decided, "Why wouldn't NinjaCube turn into a fish, then fight in a Shump style?". And I did it, the game's weird indeed. Introducing, Gilbert! So, after being inspired by Sonic Mania's 'Heavy Magician' and a few magical ideas (And a lot of Blind Guardian's songs!), I decided to make this boss as a magician. Previously this boss was a witch that was able to turn into other forms, but a few problems happened so I had to scrap it. Anyway, this boss' attacks are a bit based off some magical tricks as the usage of a hat or cards. Except they are slightly weirder? Haha. The music is from the game's soundtrack, made by Caleb Cuzner. I'm also posting over twitter, you can check it here And that was all for this week! Take care and have fun.
  4. Nexusrex


    Haha, many thanks! I'll be showing GIFs and videos from time to time soon.
  5. Nexusrex


    Hello and welcome to the first post in this blog! To introduce everything, I guess I'll be doing it in Q&A way: Who are you? D: I'm Nexusrex, a young Egyptian guy (15 years old), I was interested in game development since I was 9, started using GameMaker when I was around 10 I guess. Made a few little stuff then started NinjaCube. What is NinjaCube? 'NinjaCube: Finding Hatsune' is a simple action platformer. I did have some massive love for classics like Megaman (Especially the X, Zero, ZX series!), Castlevania, Ninja Gaiden and a lot others! I did choose the square art style because honestly I was (and still am) horrible at pixel art, so I found this style to be a bit interesting and yet, easy to animate! So, you just started this game? Nope! NinjaCube started almost two years ago, it started as a simple jump-n-shoot platformer without any level design or any good gameplay (That's what I think of ^^). After getting a youtuber to play it (Pistyization, many thanks to him!) and working a bit more on it, I realized that I had nothing to do. Yet people told me to change the camera (as it was too zoomed in) and to change the art due to the awful colour choices I had. So it took me a while to do that transition, I also had some tests and stuff so it stopped me totally from doing development. As you can see, the difference! So, are you working alone on this project? Well, I do the art, the programming/code, the level design and the gameplay stuff. But for the music, I couldn't do that so I worked with Caleb Cuzner, and he made a quite good work! You can get to listen through his youtube page What are your plans for finishing/expected time? Honestly I don't have a plan as I'm still in early stuff. But hopefully I wanna get the main set of levels done before September's start, so I could get something playable at a gamedev gathering that starts in that month. And that was all for today! I hope I can do some weekly posts, have fun and take care guys! : D
  6. What I've made in #NinjaCube in the last days (Slow progress due to school) https://t.co/QLjnMza8vf #screenshotsaturday #gamedev #indiedev
  7. Thanks for helping.   Well, here are my answers to your questions. The mood is serious, as NinjaCube is angry. When the hero talks about their repeat..Wasn't really thinked about humor in that part Well, Hatsune is dead because CopyNinja has almost took her powers/soul to empower himself I've been thinking about replacing the power soul by a shuriken..Like, just a final gift The epilogue depends..The suicide is done because he is so sad and mad and gave up on life..Don't suicide is just like a place for a thing like a "to-be continued" ending Well, what are contractions? As i dunno about it.. Names..I was just planning to give Ryu a nickname (which is NinjaCube)..But, i guess that i will scrap it Thanks again.
  8. Hello, i've been working on a platformer game (Jump and shoot genre) with ninjas..But when i've passed to the story, i've found a problem..That i didn't write stories..So, i would like to take your feedback and suggestions on my little story..(Including: Intro, Dialogues and Ending)..Also, i've got a problem, I suck in naming any characters/clans with japanese names..So, would you help me?   Intro: [spoiler] It starts in an unknown time..In a ninja clan called (I would need help in naming this)..Ryu, also known as NinjaCube is going to marry Hatsune. But, at the marriage day..Hatsune is missing! They found a piece of paper in her house..It was wrote: "Hatsune is mine, Now she is kidnapped by me..The master of (An evil clan which i like to have help from you)"...Now, the ninjas from this clan are spreading chaos! Ryu must stop them all! [/spoiler]   Dialogues: (I would like to have your suggestions on names for the enemy ninjas..Note: Big text wall) [spoiler] Vs WoodNinja: WoodNinja: Well well well..You did come! NinjaCube: (WoodNinja), Why did you do this?! WoodNinja: Kidnapping Hatsune? She is for our master..And, we could gain more power! NinjaCube: But..We, we were friends! WoodNinja: This is from the past..Now, get ready! NinjaCube: Hmph, I will show you!   Vs LavaNinja: LavaNinja: You were able to pass over my volcano?! NinjaCube: Yes, now..You have to tell me about one thing..Where is your master? LavaNinja: I will never tell anyone about my master or my mission! NinjaCube: Okay..Then, get ready!   Vs AquaNinja: AquaNinja: Hehehe..You came! NinjaCube: All of you say these words..Enough! AquaNinja: It seems that you don't wanna know about your lovely Hatsune..Hehehehe! NinjaCube: Rrrr..How, how dare you?! AquaNinja: You hate that people talk about Hatsune? Don't worry, she is for our master now! NinjaCube: Rrrrr..Just, stop, this!   Vs ThunderNinja: ThunderNinja: You will be unable to pass me. NinjaCube: You? I will beat you. ThunderNinja: Then, enough talk! Be prepared! NinjaCube: Okay!   Vs CopyNinja(aka. master of that evil clan): CopyNinja: Finally, the one who dares to fight me did really come! NinjaCube: Where is Hatsune? What did you do to her?! CopyNinja: Hatsune? She is the that container..She is almostly gone..Hehehehe! NinjaCube: You.. CopyNinja: Oh, She didn't tell you? I was going to marry her..But you've appeared! Because of you..We've broke up! NinjaCube: So, you kill her?! CopyNinja: Heh, smart one..But, you aren't powerful..Now, be prepared!   Vs Final CopyNinja(aka. ultimate form): CopyNinja: Heh..You are powerful..But, you didn't see anything of Hatsune's power merged with mine! NinjaCube: What?! You are going to kill her! CopyNinja: Beware..My final form!   After Defeating Final CopyNinja: CopyNinja: No..This can't be happening! I'm unable to die! NOOOOOO! [/spoiler]   Ending: [spoiler] After defeating CopyNinja..Hatsune falls from the container..NinjaCube catches her..A little dialogue starts: NinjaCube: Hatsune..Are you alive? Hatsune: Is..Is that..You..Ryu? NinjaCube: Yes. I will take you to get healed. Hatsune: No.. NinjaCube: Why? Hatsune: Take this.. NinjaCube: Is that, a power soul? Hatsune: Yes..This is the last thing..I will..Give to you.. NinjaCube: Hatsune! Hatsune: Farewell..My love.. NinjaCube: No! This can't be happening! There..There is no reason to fight anymore! What..What was I fighting for?!   After some days.. [It takes the player into a black room, with two choices..Suicide or Don't Suicide] If "Suicide" is chosen: NinjaCube throws a shuriken, it rebounces when it reaches the corners of the room, hitting NinjaCube..Until the last hit, where he is shown laying on the floor..And the shuriken has entered his body..And "The End" is wrote with a bit of red color. If "Don't Suicide" is chosen: NinjaCube says: "Heh, maybe a better thing happens"..Then a light comes from a corner of the room..Then he says: "It..It can't be!"..Then "The End" is wrote with a bit of gray color. [/spoiler]   Thanks for reading! Also, if it's unallowed to post this question..I will report the post to get it deleted.
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