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  1. When I run Nehe lesson 43 as is using Test.ttf at 16 height a few characters won't print. The uppercase Y, the lowercase g,p, and y. And when I alter the height it gets different. Different characters are missing when I put in height of 48 instead. I add    glPixelStorei(GL_PACK_ALIGNMENT, 1); and glPixelStorei(GL_UNPACK_ALIGNMENT, 1); to the init code and no change. Anyone had this issue or have any idea what might be happeing? Adding glPixelStore and changing the height is the only way I altered the original tutorial source, btw
  2. I'm building a first person shooter from the ground up in C++ using OpenGL. It's coming along great but there's a few details about FPS games I don't know yet. How do you handle drawing the main players(yours) hand and gun? Since you can't see your body I imagined that it would be inefficient to draw the entire character model. Do you have a separate draw command that only draws one bicep/forearm/hand of the model?
  3. Weird Lesson 43 Problem

    Hi, I got lesson 43 compiled and running and everything runs right except a few letters in the alphabet won't show up. Uppercase Q, and Lowercase g,j,q,p, and y are the letters that won't show. It just shows a blank space in the text where they're supposed to be. Anyone have that problem or any idea what might cause it? I haven't altered the code at all from the original lesson 43 code btw.
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