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  1. Loosearmy

    Delayed shots Concept

    The view we're thinking are top down so you'll be able to see what's ahead of you alittle bit. So there will be strategy involved trying to guess where this projectile will hit once it is fired and how you will have to move accordingly. On the note of enemies. We're still trying to figure that out ourselves but at this time the enemies will not unless we have a multiplayer mode in which case everyone will have the delayed-fire. Let me know if there are any more questions I'll be more than happy to answer
  2. Loosearmy

    Delayed shots Concept

    Concept for Delayed Shots in a Fast Paced Shooter The base for this concept is that with each click or trigger pull there is a X-second delay before the gun would actually fire. This would make it alot more difficult to time shots and could create unique design elements that would cater to this delay. (i.e sharp corners and hallways where it would be hard to time when to click in such a tight enclosed space). Ive had this concept for a minute and i know we could code it to work but my main concern with this is, would it be a good design choice?
  3. Loosearmy

    About game design

    I mean yeah a graphics tablet would help if you're doing something more detailed or just doing concept art. if you're doing lie 2d sprite design then I would just use paint.net and just make small pixel art. Which I may add is a good way to start. it helped me alot when I started out and i still do it for fun.
  4. looking for someone whos looking for a 2d sprite guy
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