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  1. SI_78

    Engaged :D

    congratulations :-)
  2. SI_78


    Those vid's are ace!
  3. SI_78

    Not Dead.

    lol we were all starting to wonder ;-)
  4. SI_78

    Happy birthday to me!

  5. SI_78


    That is one smooth interface you've got going one - congrats!
  6. SI_78


    Looking ace, keep it up :-)
  7. SI_78

    Ascending a higher level

    Looking pretty sweet :-)
  8. SI_78

    Play Misty for Me

    Sorry to hear about your sister.
  9. SI_78

    Castlevania Direct3D Demo

    That is amazing! How come you've stopped development as it is certainly looking very very good!
  10. SI_78


    Hey EDI, great article in PC Zone on Morning's Wrath! Well done on getting their Indie game of the month award :-)
  11. SI_78

    Basic Assembly

    Hope this helps you out: http://webster.cs.ucr.edu/
  12. SI_78

    Bon Voyage!

    Enjoy the break man it sounds like you deserve it :-)
  13. SI_78

    Afterglow And Poll

    I quite liked the close camera
  14. Great looking screen shots!
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