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  1. erpeo93

    Looking for help with new project.

    Well it depends on how much programming experience you have and on how much you want your kids to learn to program, as they're surely ready to start learning how to program for serious. You could: -Let them use a basic game library like SDL or something similar, so that they're able to develop good programming skills while still avoiding all the operating system weirdness, and while the older son could maybe work on the more "hard" things like rendering and simulation, the youngest could start working on more funny and "gamy" things like map editor, UI, etc. Surely this is the hard way to go, but your kids would learn WAY more this way than just letting them use unreal or unity. I would only suggest this if you have a certain amount of programming experience, as your sons will probably ask for your help from time to time. -If you don't have a lot of programming experience, I would probably go the standard unreal-unity way, probably choosing unity as it's probably more versatile relative to UE. If you have the possiblity, I would strongly suggest going the hard way, as your kids will learn something that can basically guarantee them a job when they're adult. (Non necessarily in the game industry of course). Sure they will be less productive in the short period, but once they've learned a good amount of programming practices, they're productivity will skyrocket. Leonardo
  2. erpeo93

    Looking for help with new project.

    Hi! I can only imagine how happy you are with two kids that love game programming... best wishes for their future. Can I ask you how old are they? My suggestion would change quite a bit depending on the age they have. Leonardo
  3. erpeo93

    Copyright question

    That is true, now that I think about it, and it's actually good for me in this situation. I think I will just keep things as they are, try to stick with my name without spending money to reserve the word (8% of the total budget is a lot in my opinion), but of course keeping some backup names in the case something goes wrong.
  4. erpeo93

    Copyright question

    Does this means that if I start selling my game at the end of 2019, and someone else has "filed for the intent to use the mark" before that date, I'll win if we go on court? Because if it is this way, then there's no problem as this seems pretty fair, and there's no reason for me to declare the intention of using the name. But then I wander, what happens to them? they're request is refused as there's an estabilished brand with the same name already?
  5. erpeo93

    Copyright question

    The lawyer I talked to suggested to trademark the name without knowing the exact name of the game, I didn't even tell him it was a common word. (I don't blame him, as is it's work to protect people). That's why I started wandering about what happens if I risk and go without trademarking the name. Assuming that there isn't a game with the same or very similar name, It would seems that once I start selling my game, I should be fine and no one should be able to "steal" my brand, with or without "official" trademark. (I asked Jason for it, and he did exactly this, no trademark, just start selling the game). My doubt is if it's worth to trademark the name "before" I start selling the name, just in case someone goes for the same or very similar name. A lawyer will always suggests me to trademark, as there isn't a 100% sure way to avoid someone steal the name, but PRACTICALLY, how many possibilities there are? (considering that I own www.GAMENAME-name.com and www.GAMENAMEthegame.com, and that the game will starts selling probably at the end of 2019, so 15 months from now)
  6. erpeo93

    Copyright question

    Yes, exactly this! Do you have any experience with those forums? Do you have One of them in particular to suggest? (I will talk to an attorney soon about this as well, but I think the more opinion I can hear, the better)
  7. erpeo93

    Copyright question

    I'm aware of the fact that the more a name is a Common word, the more difficult it is to protect it. But this word almost perfectly fit the game, and it's also a "cool" word. Of course I have many "backup" names, but this word would be perfect as the title of the game. I won't sue you if my game is called "edge" and your game is "dark edge", I just want to avoid being sued by others, and let the success of each other's game speak for theirself. (Assuming there is no game named "exactly" like mine, which I'm pretty sure is not happening at the moment).
  8. erpeo93

    Copyright question

    I don't want to protect against illegal copies, that is practically impossible as you said. The only think I'm worried is that my game has a name that is a very Common word (on the same level of "destiny" to make an example), and so if a big company decides to pick that same name and trademark it, well it would be pretty bad. But it seems to me that you're suggesting that if I'm 100% sure that no game has the name I picked, and if I own a reasonable .com domain for the game (like I do), as soon as I start marketing and selling my game I should be fine even without trademark, right? I mean you're saying that companies will recognize the fact that that name is "mine", and will avoid noming their game the same? This project means Everything to me, and the scale of the project is big enough that if it has success, I expect it to sell a pretty decent number of copies. But being the name a pretty Common and "evocative" word, I just want to avoid that someone else come along and "steal" my name. What can I do other than acquire the domain and actually start marketing and letting the world know about my game?
  9. erpeo93

    Copyright question

    Hi everyone, after reading Jason Rohrer's story and his post about free distribution (http://hcsoftware.sourceforge.net/jason-rohrer/freeDistribution.html), I'm quite torned about what to do with my game regarding these two things: -game name trademark registration: should I really do that? I mean, Jason didn't did that for One Hour, One life (at least this is what I found searching on the uspto), , and surely I can't assume that my game will have more success than ihis game. But how can one then protect against abuses? Or worse, how can I protect against someone that trademarks my name afterwards ands forces me to change name? -distribution: should I really distribute the game via steam? At the end of the day what Jason says is totally true: the most successfull games didn't went on steam, especially those that are multiplayer (Like mine is)... so if a game is really good, people will find a way to get it. Another good point against steam distribution is that games on steam tends to have a boost during the first days after launch, to quickly fall down afterwards... while instead avoiding steam allows you to "slowly but steady" build the community, probably ensuring more long-term incomes. What do you think? Sorry for my english. Leonardo Any suggestion or
  10. erpeo93

    How early to begin marketing?

    In my opinion one should start marketing his game once there is a _showable_ build and your friends said the game looks good after testing it. (Of course explain them that it's an early build). From there you can start gathering gameplay footage, videos for trailer, put an early access alpha on, etc. Note that it doesn't absolutely mean that you shouldn't THINK about marketing before that point: read marketing articles and study successful indie games, see how they have done and why. (There are a lot of resources around the web). Also at one point you should probably consider hiring someone that can help you with this: they know streamers, they know youtubers and they know this world way better than you: They could offload a lot of work while you can remain focused on finalizing the build. Leonardo
  11. erpeo93

    The Total Beginner's Guide to Game AI

    Really good and informative article. It Covers a lot of things without going in too much details, but then gives study references at the end. I only consider it to be a bit long, and I probably would have cut it in two parts. But otherwise, very good job. Leonardo
  12. erpeo93

    What keeps you motivated to finish ?

    The only thing that keeps me pushing hard is the fact that I'm doing a game that I really would like to play and where I can basically put all the feautures I want in it, whenever I want. If I had to program crappy flappy bird clones, well then that is _work_, and surely I would need some motivation sooner or later (eg money). But as soon as it's not work anymore, then the only reason why I would do something is because I like doing so. I like creating rpg that I would play, and I like the possiblity to shape the game the way I want even more (you know, crafting, alchemy, monsters, graphic style...) You should start questioning yourself about why "now and then is so hard to stay motivated", because if you're doing the game that you really want to do, then it's pretty easy to stay motivated. That doesn't mean there won't be any up and down, to be clear. But it will be much easier to stay motivated and go ahead if you do something you really want to see coming to life. ps: of course you have to understand what are your physical limitations, and work around them: you won't ever be able to reproduce the graphics quality of skyrim, but adopting evocative and simple art styles you can surely work around that. Leonardo
  13. Hi everyone, As the title says, I'm searching for someone to help me filling the world of my game with creatures and plants that will appear reasonable to the players, without ever looking "out of place" or something. Also there are some gameplay system that can surely improve with the help of a game/world designer (economy, crafting, alchemy,... ). The engine is already in place, and the artist and the animator have started working togheter with the pipeline entirely set up. The designer's job will be to give the artist the description of the world creatures so that he can sketch some concept and then draw the final version of them. Basic programming skills are of course a big plus. The budget is limited, but the game won't ship until the end of 2019 for sure (first alpha) so you can ideally work on it during your spare time. Contact me or by email at leonardo.lucania@outlook.it and I'll show you some screenshots and references. Thank you. Leonardo
  14. erpeo93

    Introduction and Career Questions

    Welcome Elijah, nice to meet you I don't have any experience in the industry so take my words with a grain of salt... but I think that for a game designer, more than every other role in the industry, it's very very valuable to ships one or more game where YOU were the designer. I mean, if I were searching for a game designer, first thing I would do is to search what titles he has designed, and how they look to me. Yes your portfolio is surely relevant, but for me this would be far more important than that. They don't have to be huge hits or AAA, but for a designer having some good games shipped under the belt is a big plus. (Much more than it is for a programmer or an artist in my opinion). I would start designing game in a small team made of passionate people or doing some freelance work, hoping that the game becomes a hit. Leonardo
  15. Hi, I'm finally at the point where I would like to see some test animations in my fantasy rpg. I already have a test character, and I would like to see some simple run/idle/attack animations on him. the style is very simple and minimal, and I don't have any special requirements other than the fact that the animations has to flow with the art style and the game mechanics. I don't have much to offer (that's the reason why I would prefere someone that is not a veteran), but for sure you'll be paid for your work. Of course if the test animations looks good we can keep going with more animations as characters arrive from the artist. I would love someone that works with spriter and that it's not an animator master (so that the price won't be too high)... I would prefere someone willing to learn and to stay with me till the end of the project. (summer 2019 probably ). Email me if you're interested: leonardo.lucania@outlook.it. As I said, the work will be paid so please don't send me an email if you're a noob in animation. Leonardo Here is the character: (It's gray because it's for test purpouses)
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