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  1. I'm not totally new to networking and have done a few games with basic real-time networking but I would like to do some physics based games. I'm trying to understand snapshot interpolation https://gafferongames.com/post/snapshot_interpolation/ Am I correct in understanding that in order for it to work when doing networked physics is that I basically have to disable all rigidbodies on the client except for the player (which will calculate it's own physics) and then store all gameobject transforms on the server (for everything not sleeping) for every frame until I send everything via an RPC? And in order to save bandwidth I shouldn't send the state for every frame but rather just a few which the client can then interpolate between. What I'm trying to understand is what exactly is a buffer (a collection of transform states over a specified amount of frames?) and how do I best send this to the clients (RPC?) Thanks for any input you can give me!
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