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  1. Hello! I am looking for a concept artist for a 3d brawl game. I will need sketches done for characters, and arenas. I would prefer a hobbyist for free, but I will pay if the work i am getting is significantly better than a free hobbyists. If interested, please do email me at JVGameDev@gmail.com
  2. JVGameDev

    Web Games Dead?

    Hi! Ever since mobile gaming has been on the rise, web games have lost their touch. First, flash got "replaced" by HTML 5, but correct me if im wrong, but i think web games died very fast after that. I definitely think mobile games have essentially "replaced" them. What do you guys think?
  3. JVGameDev

    Web Games Dead?

    I feel like there's this weird sense of WebGL + Canvas + HTML5 not being capable of delivering games, but I'd argue that's not true anymore.  WebGL support has grown enough in the last while that I'd feel confident using it to make some pretty decent games- and there's a reasonable amount of stuff done with Unity or Unreal's web players (or Phaser etc. or from scratch) to show that it's doable.  There's a very low barrier to entry, and you get multi-platform out of the box (given your game gets along with different browsers). The real issue, IMO, is that there's not really any money in it.  If the goal is for the game to be a direct source of income, then web isn't really a viable platform - but advertising games, kids games, content associated with other media or something, stuff to drive traffic to your website, etc. make a lot more sense. I think we see fewer web games in the sense of what you'd see on newgrounds mostly because mobile has hijacked that market, and because indie devs have a lot more options now. Could you make, like $300 bucks off web games?
  4. JVGameDev

    Web Games Dead?

    How much on average does a popular web game make?
  5. Hi! I saw a small platform game on Steam. It was free, and from the look of it, wouldn't have any DLCs. How do thes kind of games make money?
  6. Hi! My name is Josh! I have been in Game Dev for a while now. Me and my team have been working on a game called Rockman. It is a 2d platformer game. The game is about Rockman, who wants to stop a villain from destroying the city. The game plays through as a comic book. It will show a page of the comic, and then you play out that chapter of the comic. We already have basic programming done, and we have all the enemies and all of Rock Man's sprites and animations done. What I need is an environmental artist to do backgrounds/environements (Backgrounds and also grass, platforms, ect). I also need a vector artist to draw the comic. You will be drawing basic drawing of Rockman that leads into the next chapter of the game. I am looking for skilled people who are willing to work hard, but also have fun, too. Remember, this is a hobby project.   If intersted, email me at JVGameDev@gmail.com   Thanks!   -Josh  
  7. Hi! I am Josh! I am making a platformer game called Rock Man! It is inspired from the hero i created as a kid named Rock Man! As robbers where trying to escape from the police, their van collided into a hillside. The hill crumbled down onto a hiker named David. The rocks mutated into Davids skin, giving him a hard, armor like flesh. He now wants to stop evil, making sure something like this doesn't happen again.      Rock Man's main ability is his hammer arm. He can slam down dealing plenty of damage. He also has a simple punch attack. You as a player will progress through 20 stages, defeating enemies through each level, solving puzzles, and defeating bosses.    My hope for an end result is a fun game to put on Steam for a cheap price. The graphics are going to be simple pixel graphics (Made by me). I can also do level design. I just need someone to do the coding in Game Maker.    If interested, email me at JVGameDev@gmail.com   Thanks, Josh
  8. Hi! My name is Josh! I am the leader of Arcadiac Games! We are looking for a programmer to build our 2D Platformer. Our former programmer unexpectedly left so we need a new one! We are using Game Maker for our game. The game is a story driven platformer called Solbel. It follows the main character, Solbel. We have quite a bit of art done so you can get started immediately! We are looking for someone skilled, motivated, and wanting to have fun! Our goal is to make it to Steam! If interested, email me at JVGameDev@gmail.com
  9. JVGameDev

    Best Java Engine?

    Hi! I was wonderin if there is a Java engine out there that is like Unity, were you can simply download it and everything is ready (so basically, not a framework xD) Thanks!
  10. Hi! I am making a 2D Fighting game called Dominus! It is a 2D Competitive multiplayer fighting game. My team has development on the gameplay, but we need UI for the main menu, character select, ect. I am looking for someone dedicated to make the UI for the game. Our project is revenue share, so I will split the profits between the team members evenly. If intersted, email me at JVGameDev@gmail.com !
  11. Hi! I am lookin for a 2D Character artist to help me with my fighting game. I already have 1 other artist, so you will need to match their style. If you are interested, email me at JVGameDev@gmail.com and I will give you more info!
  12. Hi! My name is Josh. I am looking for someone that can make 2D art for my Fighting Game. I have one artist, so the load of work won't be huge, but we still need help! I myself am the game designer/level designer. The game is inspired by Street Fighter. The game is a competitive multiplayer fighting game. The characters have a punch, kick, heavy attack, and special attack. The special attack is different for each character. The game is about gaining a rank. The ranking system is a basic system involved in wins and losses. The work you would be doing is making 2 or 3 characters (it depends) with their animations, and backgrounds. I am okay with shortcuts in animating, so if you want to blurr, ect, I am cool with, as long as it looks good! If interested, email me at JVGameDev@gmail.com
  13. Hi! I am Josh! I am making a 2D Competitive multiplayer fighting game! The game has a ranking system where you get paired up with people in your rank. The characters are people like witches, ninjas and wizards. maps will have gimmicks so no map is the same. As an Artist, you will be making characters, backgrounds, and UI. For characters, we would want the art style to be like the image below. Don't worry, you want need to do everything as we already have another artist so the work will be split! If interested, please email me at JVGameDev@gmail.com
  14. Hi! I am Josh. Many of todays most popular games are looked upon by tons of developers. Do you know what the developers are thinking? "I can make that in a night." I've heard it numerous times. So why not? I can make (decent) art, and I was wondering if a programmer wants to sit down in a Skype call and just make a game. It may take a few hours, hell maybe a week, but we can make a simple but addicting flash game! I myself haven't gotten an idea yet because I want to do everything from scratch as soon as the Skype call begins. Anybody wanna try? If so, email me at JVGameDev@gmail.com and we can start!
  15. JVGameDev

    Unity Python Engine?

    Hi! I am looking for a Python Engine! I have tried Pygame, but i am not good with Frameworks. I think Panda3D is also a Framework because I tried that and got errors downloading it. Is there any Engine like Unity that uses Python as a scripting language?
  16. JVGameDev

    Best Java Engine?

    Is there a Python engine kind of like Unity? I have just had a hard time with C#, an C++ would probably be worse, so thats why i am lookin for something easier. But, i still like working with engines more then Frameworks.
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