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  1. Hello! We succeed to publish a small game on googleplay named "sting attack" https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.room.stingsattack Now we need help of someone experienced in marketing. We expect you be active and update our different pages each week and maybe each day. You should market this game and our other game (which is a large scale game for PC) and starts newly for develop. If you are interested please let me know and please send your resume too. Thanks Contact info: rezfar_8@yahoo.com
  2. Hello all, We need a male voice actor to read a few lines for us. There are 3 characters so you should be able cover 3 different voices. If you are interested please send me a message here or via: rezfar_8@yahoo.com Thanks
  3. Sent a message for you!
  4. Re.Far

    Looking for a programmer

    Thank you Yeah_Phantom but I got my partner and we are working on that now.
  5. Re.Far

    Looking for a programmer

    Thank you all,   I created this with 3DS Max and ZBrush.
  6. Sorry buddy I wish I could, I am working on my several games now, beside a team hired me too. However thank you for your offer. I made this advertise few days a go but it is online newly! 
  7. Hi!   My name is Reza and I am an artist and animator. Actually I want to make an indie team for making games. Is there anybody interested to work with me? Already I have 4 incomplete games. (I did some art for them and it is ready for programming) One of them is:   http://www.gamedev.net/topic/684242-looking-for-a-programmer/   It is not possible to explain all of those games here because it is long. I will give you professional art then it is up to you to make it professional finally. I have some simpler ideas too that is not very complex. Please send me an email and then we can speak about and decide how can we start.   Any revenue will share.   Hope to hear from you soon Thank you  
  8. Re.Far

    Looking for a programmer

    Still waiting to hear from you! :D
  9. Hello!   Thank you for stopping in. My name is Reza and I am an artist, animator and a game designer! I want to make an indie studio for making games and animations. Actually about 5 month ago I made an advertise here to get help of a programmer to make a game. I got help but sadly for a personal matter of my partner (car accident), he could n`t keep on anymore. Now it is time to get help again and complete my game.   Story A person is stuck in his house and should resist against hordes of zombies! That`s it! Straight and cool!   Gameplay It is going to be a semi professional game. (My last advertise was about making a very simple game but I decide to make it more professional.) It is an isometric game with tower defense and strategic gameplay. Players should see around and don`t let the zombies come in the house by shooting them. (For example you can imagine a town hall in clash of clans and different soldiers are going to reach that.) There are different zombies and different guns. Players can get XP by killing zombies. Then they can buy better guns or upgrade the house and make it stronger or buy some stuffs like obstacles. There are some more details and here is not a place to speak about. This game has high potential to add creative ideas.   Platform Android, iOS, PC. As the gameplay is clicking (in PC) or touching (in mobile devices) directly on zombies to kill them so I don`t know how can it be match with playstation and xbox or other consoles. If you know and have a plan then it is welcome.   Art I tried to create a professional art. ( I sculpt the character so there are details and it is not a low poly model with a ugly flat texture) It is stylized and funny. All of the arts are pre-rendered. All the animations are sprite sheets.   Technical I don`t know anything about programming so I don`t care that you are using unity, unreal, your costume engine or you get a program from an alien from outer space! Just can do it!   My progress All of my ideas placed in GDD already and it is ready for you. Almost 45% of art is done. The main map is ready. House is ready. First type of zombie is ready and animated. As soon as I found my proper partner I will start to do the rest. I will guarantee I will finish it because it is my game. I love it. Nobody forced me to do this.   The game is already designed. But I am open to hear from you. I care about you and your opinions and ideas. My motto is always two minds are better than one. I am looking for a friend and friendly contact not very official. This game has high potential for good sell too.   My need One Programmer/Producer (Position is occupied!!!) Can make this game. Know about best ways to advertise and sell a game.   Please contact me if you can do it and have enough time.   Selling the game I want to offer you rev-share.   At the end Already I have enough art for you to start with, while I am working on the rest.   Contact method You can reach me by: Rezfar_8@yahoo.com   Thank you for reading this Hope to hear from you soon :) Reza   Update # 1 This is a wallpaper that I made (but very fast! so it can be better) http://www.imgur.com/Df9E9vA
  10. Hi!   I have an idea in my mind that I want to turn it to a game. It is a simple game but does not mean it is a bad game! Simple is different with bad! So I am seeking help of programmers and developers. Please check below for details.   Story Somebody is stuck in a house and just resist against horde of zombies!   Gameplay Like tower defense games.   Targeted Platforms Android (first priority) iOS (second priority) PC (maybe) Team Any body that can do android and iOS is welcome. If you are a new programmer and looking for experience, here is the best begin!   About me Artist and animator   Goal If you are from eligible countries for kickstarter, this project can launch there with a demo.   Progress Before I start to do any art for this game I need talk to you for technical information.   Contact Method Directly message me here or email me: rezfar_8@yahoo.com   Thank you for your time   UPDATE! This advertise was on June 17 2016 and it is EXPIRED but I don`t know why it is still here!
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