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  1. To The Capital II

    We worked on the color palette. Made our game more contrast. We continue to work on the combat system. Also changed the inventory window. I attach a few screenshots of progress. Not all icons have been replaced yet and everything can change cardinally to the release :
  2. To The Capital II

    A new video demonstrating an early version of the combat system is already here! In total, the game will have about 60 abilities in four classes. For example, Ralph will be able to shower all enemies with arrows, and Luis will go into a rage by increasing his own damage, but losing some of his defense points. Also, any player will be able to choose one of the three available difficulty levels. Fans of the plot and grind will be satisfied. We are also working on a color palette about which we will write next week. Thank you for watching the news! To The Capital 2 on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tothecapital
  3. To The Capital II

    New video with the main theme of the game!
  4. To The Capital II

    Added particles, working on the first cave that will be present in the demo. Our website http://tothecapital.com
  5. To The Capital II

    We work on the plot and finalize locations that will be present in demo.
  6. To The Capital II

    New screenshots of the game process. A new character, equipment, the creation of objects from ingredients, use of items in inventory. We are preparing for a demo version in the coming months. More screenshots in our group https://www.facebook.com/tothecapital/
  7. To The Capital II

    New town, loot, inn, trade and dialogs!
  8. To The Capital II

  9. To The Capital II

    New video!
  10. To The Capital II

    We are working on the interface To The Capital 2
  11. To The Capital II

    Inside the building
  12. To The Capital II

    I write the program part. We also work on locations and music.
  13. To The Capital II

    We are working on settlements. Redid the clouds and added a shadow for the character.
  14. To The Capital II

    We continue to work on locations. Added a movement animation on the diagonal. We will be glad to hear comments and suggestions
  15. To The Capital II

    To date, partially prepared more than 50 locations and written more than 30 minutes of musical accompaniment. In the video you can see the forest location. Over time, it will appear opponents, as well as chests and items that can be used for crafting. We will be glad to hear your suggestions and remarks https://youtu.be/JqCnMgze5vk
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