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  1. Hey, are there any teams still looking for teammates? I can code Java and C#.
  2. Meeting Other Programmers

    I've sent you a PM
  3. Meeting Other Programmers

    I live in Holland/The Netherlands. Your english is very well readable :)   I don't know if you want, but I'm planning on participating in the Week Of Awesome game jam (   Would you maybe like to participate with me?
  4. Looking for a team/Looking for team members   This is my first game jam and I'd love to participate. I mainly code java, but I can work with other stuff as well :)
  5. Meeting Other Programmers

    Thank you for all the replies,   I've been programming for around 4 years now. I mostly use Java for my projects. I originally got into programming through a minecraft mod, called computercraft. I was playing that on a server, but when the server closed I lost all of my programs I had written. So I thought, if I can program in computercraft, can't I program java as well? That's how I got into programming. I learned everything myself through tutorials. I now can program in Java, PHP (+html/css of course), Javascript and a little bit of C#. In those 4 years, I've made a lot of stuff in that time, but I didn't properly finish most projects. Here are some of my better projects:   Shadow Pixel: This is a project I worked on for about a year. I don't remember how I exactly started this, but I remember using a good tutorial to make the engine. The app was released in October 2014. I've worked on it a lot after that as well, but when I found out that my engine used a really slow render method, I kinda stopped. At the time the only other method I found online was OpenGL, but back then I wasn't experienced enough to figure out how to actually use OpenGL. and plugins for the minecraft server Orginally, I was playing with friends on that server for fun. But after the server closed after a fight between the owners, I really missed it. I talked to one of the owners and asked if she could start it up again and offered help. And that's how I got admin on the server and I started writing plugins for it. After having issues with enjin, I thought I might was able to create a site for the server myself, so I got into that as well.   SepticRush Screenshots: I started on this project summer 2015, I wanted to make a PC game again and also got into using OpenGl. I think with this game, I've worked more on the engine than  actual game play, since I found it really hard to make proper animations for it and also had issues making up good gameplay. SepticRush includes: Multiplayer 2d Lighting A completely custom written engine I really want to work on this project more, but I don't think I can do it all alone...   And here's my most recent project I'm working on now: MicroEvolution (Temp name) Screenshots: MicroEvolution is a game inspired by and the Spore Cell Stage. Back when I was younger and got to play spore, I absolutely loved the cell stage. I found it quite sad that it was only so short and that there were few parts. So recently I though, what if I make an online multiplayer game, with spore game mechanics. I've been working on it for 3-4 weeks now and I'm making good progress. Currently, I only have screenshots of the cell editor, since I'm working on the game itself now.   That's my story, so what's yours?   Thank you for reading :)   PS: No advertising intended.
  6. Meeting Other Programmers

    Hey there,   I'm new to I'm not sure if this is allowed, but I was curious where I can find programmer friends. Currently I'm in high school and I've learned how to code myself, but I haven't found any people that are into coding as well. I don't think there are any program 'clubs' in my region and even if there are, I find it pretty awkward to meet up in real life... Are there any good places to chat with other programmers online? Or are there other things I can do to get into contact with other (young) programmers?   Thank you for reading,   Kris