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  1. I am trying to get vulkan on android working and have run into a big issue. I don't see any validation layers available. I have tried linking their libraries into mine but still no layers. I have tried compiling it into a library of my own but the headers for it are all over the place. Unfortunately , google's examples and tutorials are out of date and don't work for me. Any idea what I have to do to get those layers to work?
  2. dwatt

    D3D12 Render to texture

    I believe I found the issue I am creating more than one texture and not changing the srv to the new texture when the gui element was resized.
  3. dwatt

    D3D12 Render to texture

    https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5Sm9BUcN3ZMd3BCWmJjTUpYUVE/view?usp=sharing   obj:27 and 28 are the two textures that should be one. I have checked and rechecked and I haven't created two textures. It seems to result from creating both a resource view and target view.
  4. I am having an issue with rendering to texture then rendering the texture. I have created a shader resource view and render target view for the texture. Then render to the texture. I can see that the texture is rendered to but there appears to be now 2 textures instead of one. I see two identical objects on the Object list when debugging. I am apparently rendering to one and rendering the other but they aren't the same. I am using a resource barrier to transition to render target then back to shader resource after the rendering. I am waiting till the render is complete before rendering it. Is there a step I am missing that fixes this and why are there two objects on my object table when debugging?
  5. found the issue. scissors rect wasn't set. Thank you should read the output instead of the debugger it was screaming the issue at me.
  6. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5Sm9BUcN3ZMQkNFUjJHSFNVQXM/view?usp=sharing
  7. I am working on getting my dx12 renderer working. However, I have encountered a perplexing issue. The pipeline state shows the correct vs and ps and creates correctly, But nothing renders. The Debugger show the ia stage correctly , the vs stage correctly , then has stage not bound for the ps stage. I don't understand the ps is set and the debugger shows it in the state object the vs output and ps input are the same why is not bound?
  8. dwatt

    Deferred Context Usage

    calling release on the list fixed it . It had been a smart pointer but that was crashing, so I thought it must not be that type of object and changed it.   Thank you.
  9. I am adding multithread rendering to my d3d11 engine. I am encountering an issue where it is getting an out of memory error after a minute or so. Basically I have a class called renderer which is an encapsulation of a context. I create a context in the constructor and do commands on it then call finish on it to get the list then pass it to a class which encapsulates the immediate context and call execute on the list. Is there a cleanup step I am missing? I have tried using new contexts each time and that doesn't help either. For now I have one thread which builds the contexts and another which renders the contexts.   D3D11Renderer::D3D11Renderer(void) {     if (FAILED(g_Device->CreateDeferredContext(0, m_Context)))     {         _ASSERT(false);     } }     void D3D11Renderer::End(bool bPresent) {     m_List = nullptr;           if(FAILED(m_Context->FinishCommandList(false, &m_List)))     {         _ASSERT(false);     } }   void D3D11RenderQueue::Execute(std::list<IRendererPointer>& List) {     for each(IRendererPointer Render in List)     {         if (Render.Cast<D3D11Renderer>()->m_List)         {             g_Immediate->ExecuteCommandList(Render.Cast<D3D11Renderer>()->m_List, false);         }     } }    
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