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  1. olrosim

    2D character artist (sketch blog)

    Thank you , i will post here every my stuff , sure ) Can we talk more about it , in discord or other msngr ? ( Adrenalyn#5032 ) wmn practice ilstrtn wip
  2. olrosim

    2D character artist (sketch blog)

    Thank you !, i will work more with all body parts .
  3. olrosim

    2D character artist (sketch blog)

    Thank you ! What you mean "ideal human" ? More correct in anatomy ,more details , more poses or what ?
  4. Im say Hello for everybody ,for every guest on this blog ! My name is Oleg (im here https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/russia/tolyatti) and im sorry for my bad english skill. So,what im gonna do . Post here my current sketches ( almost everyday ). What i need from developers with expirience (sure if you have time for me) , is critique for any part with any angle , advice , recommendations , your corrections about actual styles and trends and your test works for me if you want(for next "paint day"). And im read all messages, think more and do more, i hope do better and better Im streaming almost everyday you can type on chat (if im online) ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCax7W3OAuGdIukLYRUK3VSQ)
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