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  1. Hey ,  Im currently working on the prototype for a Tower Defense game that i would like to produce into an App, it is in very early stages of development - I have a GDD prepared that has basic information but the needed information. I will get around to updating it. I am looking for a 2D artist to handle all the sprites and animations ( backgrounds etc )  for the game. It will be a long term investment for an worst case scenario of 6-7 months if we are both lazy. I will not disclose information about the game here but i will when contacted.   To contact me just email me at      keanu.barnardd@gmail.com      to talk further about the game and would be great if you could show some of your previous work.    I currently prototype wise : having enemy Spawning , Movement , Enemy Stats , Rough Spawning System.    I essentially would  like to have an artist in such early stages to clarify and set in stone a lot the of the art design to align with my game mechanics and so forth. Thanks Guys , happy deving !!!!  
  2. Hey ive been using GameMaker for around 2 years now, and ive wanted to start on a legitimate project , instead of multiple un-finished prototypes , i believe having a partner will help me achieve that. Nothing is set in stone so we can discuss loads of things. Please send me a message If your serious.   Please send me an Email at   keanu.barnardd@gmail.com
  3. G'day, Im currently learning or developing on my skills with C# and Unity. I would consider myself to have a fairly strong understand of the basics of Programming in C# (functions , arrays etc) I have multiple projects all for practice in both Unity and Console Applications and i currently work with a tutor when he has spare time. But im looking for someone to work with or another tutor that could give me a more focused look towards just Visual Studios (independent from Unity ). If anyone is interested please message me and i will send through further details. Thanks guys  
  4. Gday   My name is Keanu, Im searching for a team that is willing to take on a strong and hard working student/team member. It would be awsome to be apart of a team that i can share ideas with , take on tasks with and obviously learn alot whilst gaining some serious experience. I have been programming for about 4 years now , starting in year 9 in which i started with Game Maker and learned GML, and have made some pretty decent prototypes on the computers at school in my spare time ,  i have touched my feet in abit of HTML and CSS , some python , and a small bit of Java but have found my language to learn ; C# .  I am 16 and am currently working 7am-3pm in a metal production factory, but please dont shrug me off because of my age. I am the most dedicated , passionate and motivated student you will work with.   I recently got my first computer , and got a laptop just this week, im a  member of Lynda.com and am currently completing a course in C# visual studio. I am also a frequent user of Udemey and have completed 3 courses in Game Maker. I have looked into paying for a tutor but have decided it would be better just to join a team and work together and hopefully create some awsome friends along the way.   Anyways , please contact me at keanu.barnardd@gmail.com if you seriously want to work together , please only serious people though. Cheers guys :)
  5. Hi ,  I am currently wanting to create a team that can share ideas , tips , skills and advice to help learn Unity & C#. This will allow us to power through our understanding making learning faster and creating a good strong team whilst doing it. I am slightly new to Unity and have only have a couple months experience with both Unity & C#. But i have been using Game Maker (GML) for 3 years know and have a great knowledge and use of Game Maker, creating a couple of Prototypes but have never taken them to far. But if anyone would like to get involved be contact me on my email keanu.barnardd@gmail.com and we will discuss further details from there  Thanks , Keanu
  6. Hey all    Why am i here ?  I am searching for a team to create a mobile game/app , i specialize in GameMaker (GML) but have only used it for  prototyping and have never taken my games too far. I have also used Unity but am only just learning how to use it correctly & efficiently. I'm a member of treehouse and a frequent course purchaser on Udemy - I am currently doing a course on Pixel Art , and am completing a C# course on Treehouse. I have a strong foundational understanding of programming principles/basics.I have GDD of ideas that have sprung to mind but haven't managed to follow it through but would also like a team to create new ideas or refine the old.   What are we going to do ?  I would only like to work with 2D games and would prefer pixel art but we can all discuss and agree on something all together. This is not a job proposal , more a chance to gain real world experience and work as a team and do something we all have a passion for. Although all profit made will be fairly split between everyone but that will be spoken of later on as i'm not the best with that stuff (having no experience)    Who am i  looking for ?  I am looking for a Programmer that is either good with GML or C# as we will be using either Game Maker Engine or the Unity 2D Engine. I am looking for two Artists that specializes in Pixel art but all forms of art are welcome. I am looking for PR/Marketer  but am very flexible with the team members can accept more if needed. To apply for a position on the team please email me at keanu.barnardd@gmail.com with some details about yourself, some games you enjoy , talents , the position you want and what you can do for the team. Also please feel free to ask any questions  Thanks , Keanu 
  7. Hi ,  I am looking for a group of willing to learn and co-operate team members with a basic , general , or advanced knowledge of Game Maker & GML. I mainly want this for i believe it will be a massive beneficial factor to have a team of members in which you can get quick response to your questions & help if you require it. This will be mostly a learning tool more than a co-operative project task. Best examples is a class of students working together but on their own projects ; just asking others for help , ideas etc. Like a much smaller and concentrated Stack Overflow   This is a Game Maker only group. If you are interested in joining please message me or email me at keanu.barnardd@gmail.com talking about what your intrests are in GameMaker , if your beginner , general knowledge or advanced and abit about yourself. Thanks i look foward to hearing from everyone   
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