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  1. My project of several years has finally seen the light of day.  Check out Star Explorers on Steam - Early Access: http://store.steampowered.com/app/502720/Star_Explorers/ Having Steam's community to interact with has been great.  I've been getting wonderful feedback and some nice suggestions.  I've found it really helps to have an active audience when you are developing a game. I hope you will consider checking it out too. Earth is gone ... Humanity is faced with extinction ... Our only hope is to find another world. Star Explorers is a game that randomly generates a galaxy. Each star and and celestial object can be scanned and added to an ever expanding database, every planet can be landed on and explored.  The character can buy, sell and upgrade equipment.  Every planet is different, depending on its size, atmosphere, temperature based on the type of star it's orbiting and it's distance from that star.  Many worlds are too hot, too cold or otherwise too hazardous to support life.  But when conditions are right, some planets can become home to numerous aliens, both friendly and hostile to interact with along the way. Screen capture of actual gameplay  
  2. Michael Klaus Schmidt

    Demon’s Crystals Out Now on XB1 and PS4

    The screenshots look really great!  I almost missed them, because I had to scroll down quite a bit to see them ... I must say the artwork you display at the top of the page does not really do the game justice.  This is meant as constructive criticism.  The main title, the one with the green zombie head in the middle looks like it's for a Plant's Vs Zombies type game.  Then the image with the girls looks more like some kind of Anime project.  Both of these are shown before any actual screenshots, but the screenshots look 100 times better than either image.  I would personally put your screenshots up front and center. I will check it out on Steam, follow the project ,and maybe (when I have time and money) I might buy it.  Thanks for sharing!
  3. Michael Klaus Schmidt

    Anomalies Released on Steam

    Anomalies is now on Steam!  The Steam platform is considered to be the largest digital distribution platform for PC gaming in the world.  Check out the new trailer and get the game here: http://store.steampowered.com//app/546780?beta=0   [attachment=33788:Avatar.jpg]  
  4. Michael Klaus Schmidt

    Generative Music - Star Explorers

    This album features music from my game "Star Explorers" https://mkschmidt.bandcamp.com/album/star-explorers Star Explorers is unique in that the music is generated procedurally, just like the galaxies and planets.  So each players' experience will be different.  These are just a few songs that stood out for me so far... #generative art #spacegame #pcgaming #greenlight #steam #greenlit  
  5. Michael Klaus Schmidt

    Star Explorers Demo Available

    I have released a pre-pre-alpha version of Star Explorers which was recently Greenlit.  I'm looking for some feedback before going to the Early Access release.   If anyone's interested, please visit:https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/updates/700074180/1468564783    
  6. Michael Klaus Schmidt

    Star Explorers gets Greenlit!

    I got the best news this morning!  Star Explorers was chosen to be Greenlit!  This is a huge moment for me ... but now I have to make sure the game lives up to all the hype :) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=700074180  
  7. Michael Klaus Schmidt

    Initiation - Story Rich 2D Platformer

    Nice orbs :)
  8. Michael Klaus Schmidt

    Star Explorers - on Greenlight

    I have been working on getting the demo ready for playing.  Of course the game is much further from playable than I thought, so I'm going on a massive bug hunt.  I had to write two new, different save_game functions , and now I'm doing damage control for all the things that worked with the previous save_game functions ... but progress is being made.    The demo will not show all the working features of the full game, but will demonstrate the ability to explore, save and re-explore multiple worlds.  My goal is to get the basic functions of the game totally smooth and stable, then build new features from there.  With my custom save_game functions, I also hope to allow players to upgrade the game, while retaining their existing saved games.  For now, here's a recent screenshot of an icy planet with a frozen lake:  
  9. Michael Klaus Schmidt

    Indie Gaming Youtube Channel

    Okay, no problem.  I will let you know when the demo's ready, then we'll see how it goes from there. 
  10. Michael Klaus Schmidt

    Indie Gaming Youtube Channel

    Thanks for reaching out.  I have a game in development, and I should have a playable demo in a few weeks.  I will email you with some specifics when it's ready.  In the meantime, I will check out your channel.
  11. Michael Klaus Schmidt

    Initiation - Story Rich 2D Platformer

    Looks like a unique concept.  I am reminded of other recent platformers like Limbo, which had some great atmosphere.  I like the idea of colors connected with emotions, I'm interested in how that will be implemented. 
  12. Michael Klaus Schmidt

    Star Explorers - on Greenlight

    The nice folks over at Acknex Users Magazine asked to interview me about my Star Explorers project!  It's an online magazine for people using 3D GameStudio.  I was very happy to oblige them :) Check it out here - AUM117 - Under the Interviews and Screenshots sections: http://www.coniserver.net/coni_users/web_users/pirvu/aum/aumonline_e/
  13. Michael Klaus Schmidt

    DEMO: WINDSWEPT, A.G Racing that demands skill

    Hey thanks!  That's kind of you.  I'm on the final stretch to get a playable demo ready...
  14. Michael Klaus Schmidt

    DEMO: WINDSWEPT, A.G Racing that demands skill

    I like the smoke particles ... didn't notice that before.
  15. Michael Klaus Schmidt

    Free Music Resource

    This is a great resource!  Thanks for sharing. 
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