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  1. Changes Engine Scrolling 3 map sizes Zooming : 9 levels from 8 to 128 pixels (Tile size) Resolution independent Game design Engine improved to serve the new gameplay Questions raised : Turn-based or real time ? Classic gameplay or hybrid ? … Other environments like a desert Colonisation and… Exploration Oasis sketch Misc Better water tile Minor GUI improvements The procedural generation will be traded for a level editor Screenshot Medium island in 1280*1024, zoom 5 and view centered on the camp
  2. ¡ Aloha ! Summary A project ? 2 actually ! The main one is a real time simulation/strategy 2D game coded in C/C++/SDL where for the moment you control settlers on an island. The other project is a text based browser game and its features will be ported. Goals Have fun : Experiment, wild my creativity… Rapid prototyping : Gameplay first (Graphics credit : openclipart) Satisfy my needs as a player and make others happy Contribute to an open source game like Unknown Horizons or launch my own Features Hybrid gameplay : Automatic (God game) or manual (RTS) actions RPG-like attributes : HP, sex… Survival elements : Gather or fish renewable resources to eat and drink or… die !! Basic interaction : Minimal interface and keyboard shortcuts Rudimentary engine : Tile-based, path finding and super ultra turbo procedural generation Multilingual : English and French Screenshots In the first one, on Day 3, the camp has some water but no food yet. There's an explorer, 2 gatherers and one fishman. On Day 1314 the remaining settlers are fishing and gathering from spots that aren't depleted. Todo Gameplay, gameplay, gameplay GUI improvements Bigger maps Scrolling and zooming … Plenty of cool and interesting stuff !! References Series : Anno, The Settlers, City Building (Caesar, Pharaoh & Zeus) and Age of Empires Classics : SimCity, Civilization… and Populous of course !! Robinsonades
  3. What a funny odd universe ! I wonder how you defend yourself. You solve puzzles ? Your explanation is a bit confusing and from the screenshot it seems some enemies fire. Can we play the 3 characters from the left ? At least I've identified the prince. By the way I like the retro colorful graphics. Any planned features ? Please keep us posted and congrats to the bros !
  4. gdjm

    Town and Rivers [Puzzle game test]

    Simple but catchy graphics. They reminded me of Pipe Dream/Mania but I doubt the gameplay is the same. You forgot to describe it by the way. Focusing too much on watching us Big Brother ? Just kidding. Good luck I'm always excited when it comes to puzzles !!
  5. Thanks (Dziekuje ?) for taking the time to post a detailed and illustrated explanation. However next time I recommend you to use a spelling checker and fewer words. I'm quite intrigued by the gameplay because I'm a puzzle addict and from the graphics it seems the universe is original. Retro, industrial, a bit weird… I like it ! I'm also curious about the sandbox because for the moment it sounds more like an editor. Not a problem even if it is because I'm a creative person but then you shouldn't describe it as a sandbox mode. Last but not least it's understandable to think about mobile players but maybe you should focus first on the PC. Good luck and one day I hope I'll travel in Poland because I've heard it's a beautiful country !
  6. gdjm

    Eart - The game where no one can cheat

    The mention of bullet hell intrigued me. How does it affect the gameplay ? As for random encounters know that some players like me hate them. That's why I was never able to play a Final Fantasy title for too long beside the VI ! They're soOo annoying. Also you should post a screenshot of the actual game but at least the illustrations introduce us to its universe. Note that I noticed something so I recommend other viewers to pay attention. Good luck with the beta !
  7. gdjm

    "HARD LIFE" 8-Bit Style Fighting Game

    It reminds me of arcade titles like Double Dragon so it's quite disappointing that it doesn't support gamepads. It's quite repelling for retro gamers ! However the spirit is there with pixelart graphics and a gameplay with potential. Some attributes or different characters would definitely be an improvement so good luck !
  8. gdjm

    [iOS] Doom the Dinosaurs

    I luUuv your title but what do you against poor little Dinos ?! Seriously congrats I also like the Earth's design and despite the tiny screenshots I was able to appreciate its graphics. Small but nice. However your gameplay explanation is definitely confusing. The Moon ? I saw at least 2 in a screen. Also where are the dinos ?! You should add better images because in fact they look too similar. Also some testers would appreciate a port on PC or browser. Good luck with your new ideas and don't hesitate to come back !
  9. Congrats it seems like a serious project from its screenshots ! The official website is neat by the way.
  10. gdjm

    CUBERUS [PC&mobile]

    I like the neo-retro graphics but I was confused by the part about the castle and wife. Behind ?! You should also explain the gameplay but I'm excited by some of its elements. It looks like some sort of tower defense. Good luck knight of the coding realm !
  11. Thanks I like mazes but not mobile games. It looks nice but you should fix the YouTube link.
  12. gdjm

    My first HTML5 Game

    Space Invaders ! It's the first arcade title I thought of after avoiding my first arrow. Don't hesitate to check it out to get inspired. Some ideas : Add a way to defend yourself like a shield bonus Make it feels like a level was passed after a while then increase the difficulty Support other keyboards than QWERTY. For instance in France we used AZERTY. To move left I press A instead of Q. But it's a minor issue as arrows can be used ! Congrats and good luck with your improvements. Note : Is it me or is the attachment broken ? The PNG isn't displayed.
  13. gdjm


    Bonjour ! Interesting and original project. I like the retro vibe and the 3rd title has a soul. I hate smoking ! Note that your first screenshot is broken.
  14. It reminded me of Hostages (Operation Jupiter). See the page Hostage: Rescue Mission (1990) screenshots - MobyGames for some visual examples. Do you have one of the result you would like to get ?   As the rendering you describe seems simple a technique would be to have 2 rooms, a light one and a dark one. By default the last is displayed. To render the effect apply a circular mask over the light room at the searchlight coordinates. The method is the same than for a transparent sprite. Multiple spots can be rendered, the mask smoothed…
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