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    [FREE][GAME] Machines That bleed - Demo

    No obligations, but feel free to follow us on any of these social-banana-slama-medias.   Twitter: https://twitter.com/MTB_theGame Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MachinesThatBleedProject Discord (No registration required!): https://discord.gg/ZVaPady Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/diredimes/sets/machines-that-bleed-the-demos-ost  
  2. FrancoisArch2

    [FREE][GAME] Machines That bleed - Demo

    Thanks, Tyhender! Looking forward to releasing more content. Sidenote, Here is some new promo art that just arrived!
  3. Here is an update on how Machines That Bleed has been doing! It's a detective noir game about manipulation and MURDER!   I now have a running demo on ITCH.io https://diredimes.itch.io/machines-that-bleed-demo-alpha Currently working on the Alpha 3 build. You can also find the music to the demo on Soundcloud. The game is starting to gather interest both on itch and on discord.
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