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  1. Robin Gerndt

    What do people look for in a music "pack"?

    I've gotten that feeling. If I for example compare Unity's store to Unreal's, Unreal doesn't even allow free stuff. That doesn't mean that Unreal's users can't get free assets and music elsewhere, but maybe they are more interested in buying music?
  2. Hello, I'm looking into selling music "packs" on the Unity Asset Store and Unreal Marketplace and other sites. How similar to each other should the pieces be in a pack? And is it more important that most of the instruments in all songs are coherent, or that the moods the songs create are coherent, or the genre of the music itself? I strongly believe that every pack needs variation to not get very boring, but how much variation? I have been looking at other people's work and what popular packs seem to look like. I'm getting mixed signals from them. I've also looked at games with music that have had very strong impacts on my feelings and memories of the "overall experience" of the games, and tried to analyze how they do it. For example: Trine and World of Goo. Trine's soundtrack is very coherent both in terms of the instruments in each song and the uplifting spirit throughout the whole thing. Some pieces are slower and softer and others are much faster and exciting, but nothing is "sad" or "scary", and the instruments are very orchestral. World of Goo has very varied music. Some instruments are recurring but for the most part the songs use very different instruments, genres and set different moods for different levels. But it still manages to have a concentrated impact on the "overall feeling" that the music has on the game. What are your thoughts? Have you sold any music packs, or bought any for one of your own game? What has made you pleased or disappointed with the content you got? Thanks for reading!
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