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  1. Hello, I have been working on this game for more than half a year so please don't be too harsh, however I really need some feedback before I continue the development since this is my first big project and I'd love to know what I should improve, what changes I should make. This alpha version is only like 3-4 minutes long, since it is just a prologue.   Here's the game http://www.mediafire.com/download/k6connc0cyka77d/Torn_apart_Alpha_build.zip         The game's story (SPOILERS) Kid(Jacob) is building a snowman, parents(Chris and Jade) are watching TV, when suddenly a sick dog comes out of nowhere and attacks the kid, luckily, his mom was there to protect him, however she gets infected. Dad(Chris) finds out about some unknown disease and hears zombie-like sounds from bathroom, where his wife is cleaning up her wound. Chris was a soldier and fought in Africa a few years ago, so he has a weapon hidden in the drawer. When Chris comes to bathroom, he notices that Jade is turning into the creature that attacked the news reporter. He has two options: Shoot Jade and prevent her from turning or lock her up in the bathroom.
  2. Hello, I have been working on my first serious project for around 7 months now. It is a 2D, pixel art, sad, story based game. I have already created a prologue for it and I have drawn most of the characters that I needed so far but I'm not really that good at drawing and it consumes much more time than anything else in this game development. I will be posting the prologue as a demo here soon but first I wanted to make the whole main menu stuff and for that I need an image drawn, I already made a sketch but I need someone to complete the whole image. It's basically the main character sitting in an armchair, smoking and looking through a window. The game is set in post-apocalyptic world, so everything should look broken/abandoned. Here are some screenshots from the game, green guy is the main character. Here is the sketch I made: I'm also thinking about animating a few areas, for example the cigarette but I guess I could do that myself after the image would be done. If you are interested, please reply here or contact me by email martynasbra@gmail.com I'm not going to post this game on steam once it's made so the only income would be from ad revenue, however I would share that income.
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