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  1. Hi! We wanted to share with you our first game Office Suicide Saga. We will greatly appreciate any feedback you can give us. Please have in mind that game is still in early beta so go easy on us. Now goes the marketing pitch: Office Suicide Saga is a browser-based, free-to-play social game of a logical and economic nature. The player takes on the role of the boss of an evil international corporation, who must balance his or hers delight in tormenting employees with the harsh laws of the market. The player’s primary objective is, on the one hand, finishing off his employees as efficiently as possible, managing his company in such a way that works them to death or drives them to suicide, on the other hand, maximizing the profits of all companies under the player’s control. Office Suicide Saga is brimming with humor similar to that of shows like The Office, or the Dilbert comic strip, targeting the absurdities of everyday corporate life. In order to ensure the constant development of their nefarious capitalistic empire, the player can employ a rich variety of strategies – move production to regions where labor costs are cheapest, lobby for advantageous changes to the law, evade taxes, or falsify product quality testing results. They can also start or join an existing trust – superorganizations which bring together companies owned by the biggest industry sharks, where politics are equally as important as a well-stuffed wallet. To play it just visit Enjoy!
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