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  1. Hey everyone, A melody came into my head today while I was watching The Office (how does that happen?), and I decided to see what I could do with it. This sounds to me like it would be playing during a boss fight (maybe final boss fight) in a video game. It's fairly short, but I would love to hear some feedback, and I hope you guys enjoy it! (It's attached as an .mp3 file) Against_the_Ultimatum.wav
  2. Hey everyone! I quickly whipped up this game in GameMaker Studio 2  to submit it to a competition. I was a little crunched for time, but I think it still turned out relatively nice. All of the texture drawing, music composing, and coding was done by me. I hope you enjoy all aspects of it! A quick rundown on the game: You, a Calculus Wizard, are the inner thought of a student taking a Calculus Test. It's your job to fight off encroaching stress and solve problems to succeed on the test. You will accomplish this with special powers known as "differentiation" and "integration." Woo! It's got a tutorial and 5 levels. I would love to hear what you all have to think of it! Here's the download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kxexltghknrkm3a/The%20Calculus%20Test.zip?dl=0
  3. Cwshugg

    Our works on game art

    These are really neat - a couple of them (chiefly, the last one) remind me of the art in the Diablo series, particularly Diablo 3.
  4. Hi everyone!  :D I am pretty new to the GameDev forums, and I must say, I'm really liking all of the neat content that I am seeing all over the forums. In an attempt to wiggle my way into the community, I wanted to link a pair of songs I made using OpenMPT. I don't have a set-in-stone video game I am currently developing, but I definitely have ideas. I think, with a little bit of love, these could serve as a good combat theme. Without further ado, here they are: The first link is supposed to be a simpler, "tutorial" kind of combat theme. This would play while the player is running through their first fight. The second one would be played shortly after once they are thrown into a real combat situation. They are both relatively short, and in my opinion, a bit repetitive. (They are also meant to be looped - thus explaining the abrupt stops) https://soundcloud.com/pixelated_dog/strike/s-hNVwT https://soundcloud.com/pixelated_dog/strike-now/s-sDFZM As I said, they seem to be a bit on the short and repetitive side. I'm not the best at figuring out what I should do to improve these yet, so I would really appreciate any feedback anyone has to offer. I hope you enjoy them!
  5. Cwshugg

    What are you working on?

    These projects are truly amazing. I am always amazed to see these wonderful 3D games being made - I have not gotten into 3D yet, and it seems rather hard to do well. Currently, I have just been brainstorming for an RPG - I have very little details about it so far, but I can at least share some of the art I have (tried to) drawn. I know for a fact that my RPG will have a retro-graphics kind of feel, but I do not yet know what exactly that retro feel will look like. So many games nowadays have these old pixel graphics, so I'll have to think of a style that will stand out from the rest. Here's some sort of landscape I drew that should show what I mean: I also know that this game will have a form of a turn-based combat system, too. Here is a pretty simple enemy I drew up that serves as a good example of what one of the enemies would look like: Huzzah for 2D pixel graphics, right?
  6. Cwshugg

    It's me, I'm New!

    Welcome, friend! I'm new here as well. It looks like this is a really neat community of people that we will be able to learn much from.
  7. Cwshugg

    Hallo forums!

    Hi everybody, I am posting just go provide a short introduction. I'm a new member and am eager to join this community! My name is (dog?) and I am an aspiring video game developer. I'm currently a senior in high school, and plan on attending Virginia Tech or NC State (most likely the former) studying Computer Science. I'm a member of my high schools "Academy of Information Technology," a program dedicated to teaching kids IT skills. Here, I've learned multiple languages - c# and Java, to name a few. My interest for video game development began in my C# class - the entire curriculum was taught through creating XNA games! Through this, I learned the ropes of game development, and I've loved it ever since. I was even able to pull of winning last year's "National STEM Video Game" development challenge with an RPG I made. In short, I plan to develop (actual published) video games in the future, and I figure this was a great place to learn from the best. I am decent at drawing sprites, and decent at composing music, too. With these developing skills, I hope to contribute (and learn) all I can in every aspect of game development on the forums. To keep this thread from being just a "read-only," I'd like to share a few of my favorite games - maybe you all can share yours too. I really enjoy playing the Lord of the Rings Online, Undertale, and The Elder Scrolls Online. I'm glad to be part of the forums, and I can't wait to see what's in here!
  8. Cwshugg

    pixel art: the egyptian soldier in the egyptian temple

    That's a really neat looking piece of art! The first thing I noticed was that, relative to the detail of the wall, the snake and the soldier could use a bit more detail. Perhaps add a darker outline to them, some more shading, and texture of equal detail to that of the wall.
  9. Hi everyone!   I've been working on an RPG using the XNA platform, and so far it's come together very well.   Allegria is an RPG that is based around music. The main storyline is driven by all sorts of musical references and aspects. The protagonist is a minstrel whose musical abilities are portrayed through the combat system.   First things first - here are some pictures to (hopefully) spark your interest:   (A brief look at the terrain)   (The character panel)   (The two-part combat system)         Here's a brief introduction to the story to get you interested:   The land of Allegria was home to 3 kingdoms: Windyor, Stringdir and Percussia. They each possessed one of the all-powerful golden instruments: the Golden Bugle, the Golden Lute, and the Golden Triangle. Each nation held these instruments apart from each other so the power was balanced out. It all went wrong when a dark wizard of Percussia took up the Golden Triangle and assaulted Stringdir’s capital, stealing the Golden Lute in the process. This left Stringdir without a Golden instrument, and Percussia with 2 of them. This unchecked power allowed Percussia to transform into an empire, slowly but surely conquering all of Allegria. Windyor and Stringdir banded together to fight the Percussian Empire. At the end of a long war, The Golden Bugle was taken up and clashed against the Golden Lute and Golden Triangle. This great battle left Percussia defeated, and they were forced up into Largonia, just north of Allegria. From that day, the three Golden Instruments have been scattered and hidden around Allegria, to prevent another uprising. Peace and security was restored to the land, and the Windyor-Stringdir Alliance saw prosperity once again. However, Percussia is not defeated. At the time in which the game takes place, they are beginning to assault Allegria once again in hopes of gaining back their former power. The main character is a minstrel who studied at the Bard’s College in the Northeast, and has come to Allegria to make trade. Little does he know, he is about to be entangled in the struggle between Percussia and the Alliance.     If you're interested, I encourage you to check out my website! From there, I post development updates and links to downloads. (Currently I have a demo version up for grabs to whoever wants to play it.)   https://allegriaweb.wordpress.com/   If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them here or on my website. I haven't been able to have too many people test it, so I could use all the user feedback I can get. Thanks for taking the time to read all of this, and I hope I interested you!   Here's a brief introduction to the story to get you interested:
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