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  1. Hello! We are a small group working on a 2D top-down shooter game inspired by Enter the Gungeon and Nuclear Throne. We haven't found our style yet and we are hoping that you the artist would help us find that! We are not a professional group by any means but we are passionate about this game and would love to see it finished. If you are interested in joining us or want to know more about the game please email me at: legacy64games@gmail.com Cheers!
  2. Hello!   We are a small group of friends that have come up with a game idea that we would like to see come to life. We have had this idea for quite some time and have only recently begun development. We have a story that is fairly fleshed out and we have an artist that has a direction that he wants to take the game. The game itself is a 2D multi-dimensional top-down shooter and because it's multi-dimensional we complete creative freedom to take the game's art direction almost anywhere. We have plenty of dimension ideas which require LOTS of art and we realized it couldn't be done with just one artist and that's where you fit in. We are developing a template that a tilehsheet would have to follow which allows for quick plug-in play dimensions. You would be working with our artist closely and hoepfully be joining us in our weekly online meeting through Google Hangouts. As for compensation, we would like to talk to you in Google Hangouts so we can go through the different options we have to offer. We are excited about this game and want to see a bright future for this idea and we hope that you the artist would be just as passionate as we are.   Our website: legacy64games.com   Our email: legacy64games@gmail.com
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