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  1. Apache pukes over subversion 1.0.9??!?

    In order to know what's going on, I'd suggest you check the log files of apache. I don't know where it's kept on windows but usually in linux it's in "/var/log". It should point you in the right direction. :)
  2. have you heard of HURD?

    Quote:Original post by C-Junkie HURD is pretty much a joke. Apparently the linux kernel isn't good enough for the GNU people (no copyright assignment to the FSF, presumably), so they're (slowly, slowly, slowly) working on their own. It's also a microkernel, which is architecturally different from a monolithic kernel. (like linux) In a way, this is true, in another not exactly. The deal is, according to Stallman( Father of GNU ), that they had started to write a kernel before Linus even starting to think about writing the Linux kernel. But being that a Microkernel architecture is a hell of alot harder to code than a standard monolithic kernel like linux, Linus got his kernel out ready to use( still buggy at that stage but usable ) before the GNU HURD. Now, wether you have HURD or Linux as a kernel won't matter much to anybody since the tools are basicly the same (GCC, GNU's version of BASH, GNU's Make,etc). On another note, it could be concidered a *NIX, since it's also supposed to be POSIX compliant.
  3. urpmi

    visit this site for help on adding urpmi medias. Feel free to drop me an e-mail, if you need any help. daniel.cedilotte@dlcsolutions.ath.cx
  4. Your favorite OS

    Quote:Original post by Doc Debian Sid. EDIT: I'm not kidding. I love this thing. So do I. But I prefer Sarge. A bit closer to stable. But other than that, Debian does the trick and WindowMaker as a WM.
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