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  1. Tyyppi_77

    GunHero: 2D Action-Platformer-Shooter

    After working on the game for almost three years, I've just released GunHero! http://store.steampowered.com/app/568840
  2. Tyyppi_77

    GunHero: 2D Action-Platformer-Shooter

    Thank you for your kind words!
  3. Tyyppi_77

    GunHero: 2D Action-Platformer-Shooter

    I just wanted to drop in a quick update! I launched the game's Steam page on Saturday! With it comes of course a new trailer which you can watch below!
  4. This week, a feature that was long overdue: Jumping on and off ladders! #GameDev #GunHero #IndieDev #IndieGamehttps://t.co/AFIN8t5Epw
  5. I'm feeling confident that this year I'll finally get the wanted "Bug Of The Year" award... #GunHero #GameDevhttps://t.co/zWcwqZDpmh
  6. This week I reworked the powerup system: I replaced the old explosive bullets with a shield! #GameDev #GunHerohttps://t.co/ffmvAGpqae
  7. I've been working on a plasma gun for the main villain of #GunHero! You'll unlock it once you defeat him! #GameDevhttps://t.co/cBrszXNtxr
  8. Tyyppi_77

    GunHero: 2D Action-Platformer-Shooter

    All right, it's been a while since I've updated this topic. For "real-time" news you should follow me on Twitter. I also post weekly updates on my blog. Anyways, I'll post a few screenshots of everything that I've been working on since late august.     Among a lot of other things, I added spinning blades to the winter levels, and made a bunch of awesome and dangerous levels with them.   I've also been working on a desert environment. These desert environment will be set inside a huge pyramid that has been taken over by the enemy forces. The desert levels feature all sorts of moving and spinning platforms, and dangerous lava!       A few weeks ago I finished off the prison environment with new laser traps and polished missile launchers.       There we go! For more in-detail descriptions I recommend checking out the development blog I linked at the top of the post.   I planned to show a lot more, but I had to remove a bunch of images because apparently posts have an image-limit. Again, check my blog or Twitter for more stuff.
  9. Today I made my old awful rain particles look new and liney. Pretty awesome! #GunHero #GameDev #IndieDev https://t.co/45Z9WL36D5
  10. Spinning blades! And a level design reference to a great platformer game. #GunHero #IndieDev #GameDev https://t.co/4k15fem673
  11. RT @coderjon: GORB was submitted to Greenlight. Please help bring GORB to PC by voting. #greenlight #indiegame https://t.co/OC8UQW9NDP
  12. Tyyppi_77

    GunHero: 2D Action-Platformer-Shooter

    Thanks a lot! I'm really happy to hear that you like it.
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