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  1. Regeniversity

    Looking for Collaborators

    Sort of. I made a sleeping platform, bed, and a little counter/kitchen shelf in a 1st gen Scion xB. got a portable propane stove and.. yep. I'm in the Pacific Northwest right now looking for a place in the mountains to build a home and people to do it with.. much smaller and more inconspicuous than a van I think, and gets 30mpg 👍 not that I actually intentionally picked this type of vehicle but it works also, if you have discord and want to add me on there I'm Regeniversity#3369
  2. Regeniversity

    Looking for Collaborators

    Hey Nick, thanks for the reply! I would really like to do that, though I don't have regular access to wifi so, even though I have plenty of free time to work on it so either weekend should work equally well for me (I currently am living nomadically off of money I saved last year), I wouldn't be able to communicate as frequently as I would think would be appropriate for a game jam type of situation.. that said, I'd still be glad to be part of it. low poly 3D art, world building, and sound design are the things I have most experience with.
  3. Regeniversity

    Looking for Collaborators

    summary: looking for someone (preferably skilled in C#) to make a low poly 3D, dark, dream-inspired, exploration game (with some survival qualities) with me using Unity 5. I've posted here before, and have been working on and off on a few different games for a long time (started making games in middle school and have gone in and out of it over the years). none of which I've finished, since I haven't found anyone to collaborate with so far and my projects always become too big to finish alone. but this time I'm very determined to make something that I can actually complete, and I think I need to work with at least one other person for that to happen. coding is not my biggest strength so someone who is good at coding would be fitting. I've been working with C# in Unity mostly so far. but I'd be glad also just to work with another artist or world builder. I have some stuff made already specifically for this new idea and I have older stuff that can be adapted for this project as well, so I'm going to be organizing and adding to an asset database for this and then start world building. this wouldn't necessarily be a long game but I want it to be meaningful and have moments where the scenery makes you feel like you just opened an I Spy book (or the better offbrand books that had crazy complicated fantasy worlds to find things in) for the first time as a kid. I haven't decided yet how strong of a narrative I want there to be, relative to the exploration focus of the game, but I definitely want there to be some narrative discussing some pretty deep philosophical things... which we can get into more if anyone is interested. anyway, if anyone is interested let me know!
  4. Hi all, I'm looking for a couple other people to work with me on a 3D, scifi-fantasy, 3rd person RPG in Unity heavily influenced by archetypal storytelling, ecology, surrealism, and dreams. Most importantly I'd like to find someone with intermediate to advanced knowledge of C# and Unity 5, but I'd also like to find another artist to work with if possible, especially to help with concept art and texturing (so mostly the 2D stuff). My experience game design: intermediate - advanced narrative: advanced composition and sound design: advanced 3D modeling: intermediate animation: intermediate texturing: intermediate Unity 5: intermediate C#: beginner - intermediate data structures: novice - beginner I've been working on this project on and off by myself for a couple years and it has undergone a lot of restarts and changes but I have quite a clear vision now of what I'm trying to create. If you'd like to know more feel free to comment here or send me a message. This is a hobby project with potential for revenue sharing. Once anyone who is interested in participating has decided whether or not they want to be on board we can determine together how to work out rev-sharing.
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