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  1. Hi Mattio, my project is here. It's in C# but i'm originally a C++ dev myself. The coding is more in the style of C++ Anyway, if you would like to have a look you can download. I just keep working on it at an average pace, the entire thing is written from scratch. Anyway, good luck in your search if not interested.
  2. ErnieDingo

    Strafe : Air Support

    Updated the album - New version can be obtained from the main page -> in the pinned post. Just a quick demo
  3. ErnieDingo

    Strafe Air Support - Version 0.95

    Version 0.94+ - Screenshots added. Version 0.83 WIP - Screenshots from downloadable version!
  4. In short, YES. For example in DX11, you set your GPU code up right, you can write to both rendertargets in the same draw call and Pixelshader from what I recall. Unsure in DX9. But I would believe you can do that in DX9. You should only need to call your "RenderParticles" each time. For DX9 there is a set of limitations on this - see here DX9 Multiple Render targets. I'm sure others in the community will give you a more in depth explanation in DX9.
  5. Thanks bud, saw that after. Discord isn't the best medium, should of posted here firstly! So know I could get you here. Thanks for the info. Definitely one of those little things that are useful.
  6. HI, Needing some advice on a feature of the pixel shader that can be leveraged when making a shadow pass. Currently, my shadows work fine, everything is quite happily working....I did though ignore one aspect and I should of fixed it that point in time, for things such as billboard particles I'm no rendering shadows. The reason at the time was that the entire billboard (including what would of been the transparent area) is being written into the depth buffer. I remember seeing on the forum and answer to this problem , I believe it was to attach a pixel shader. And for pixels that weren't rejected on the depth test I believe I need to set the return value to null? @Hodgman - I know you were involved in the thread, you might be able to throw some light on this :) I believe if the texture sample is transparent then I should call discard? I've trawled the web site for the answer (and it's in here, i know it, i've seen it), Just hoping for a quick answer on something that is a little bit obscure. Time for me to go back and fix this little issue. Thanks all
  7. ErnieDingo

    Strafe : Air Support

    Update on progress - semi long video discussing first mission and voice over of what I am currently working on.
  8. ErnieDingo

    Programmer looking for team to join

    Hi Bartek, please update your profile with your preferred skill set to help the projects out with what you would like to do/grow. And good luck!
  9. ErnieDingo

    Strafe : Air Support

    Latest update -> Just a quick demo of the current status of the game
  10. ErnieDingo


    I usually post to my Facebook account. Please like or drop me a line there. Your interest keeps me working away! PLEASE NOTE: WE ARE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR A CODER AND 3D ARTIST. Please contact me through PM here. Pacific Strafe is a linear mission based game in which you fly various american planes in missions in the Pacific theatre of World War 2. Each mission can be completed using what planes you have at your disposal, there are 4 planes in which you can fly: Corsair F4U P51 Mustang P38 Lightning Grumman Avenger Each plane has strengths and weaknesses against, Air, Sea and Land targets. Graphics Fixed 3d perspective ww2 flying game. The game engine was developed by myself and is custom built using C# and Sharpdx. Aiming to have XBox specs as the base standard for the game, but lower machine specs run the game at an acceptable speed. More to come...
  11. ErnieDingo

    Strafe : Air Support

    Version 0.83 is now available -> Album preview here. Requires XBox Controller to get the most out of it, but works with most gamepads and keyboard does also work. Tim Dev map doesnt work, but other 2 do.
  12. Scratch that. I had a revelation. I'm currently rendering to a non msaa buffer for my shadow depth buffer. I should add a 2nd depth target to render to. As the first is orthagonal for shadow. I could also render a projective version to a 2nd depth buffer.
  13. Thinking now a depth only render pass to a non msaa depth buffer is my only real option. Which means rendering the scene again sans water. Need to balance this against the performance hit of sampling from a msaa based buffer. Performance hit is more consistent than the increasing hit of higher and higher msaa levels
  14. I'm thinking i should do as you mentioned, which is to target a 2nd non msaa depth buffer. My question is whether i render the entire scene again but depth only or render including scene. Rather than resolve the msaa buffer. I'm thinking the former is best.
  15. HI, I'm doing a final pass on my water rendering, as such, I would like to be able to reference a copy of the depth buffer to understand how deep the water is at a point based upon the water pixels Z and the Depth of the Z value. Im doing some water depth related effects, therefore sampling the Z Depth. I have a few ideas on how to solve this. The simplest I believe is not possible, so it leaves me with a couple of options. 1 - ResolveSubresource from a MSAS Depth buffer to a non MSAA Depth buffer (believe this is not possible as resolving from a depth buffer with depth stencil flag set). 2 - I just copy the depth resource as a MSAA Depth buffer to a MSAA Depth buffer. Then Use Load to sample in the shader for the depth. Slower, but should work. 3 - Render the MSAA Depth buffer using a full screen quad to another target which is a non MSAA SRV. 4 - Consider this is a transparency pass, I probably could use the depth buffer unbound from rendertarget and use as a SRV and use Load to sample from it (no need to copy at all). 2 or 4 seem to be the go. I believe 4 would be best of all the options. and should be the fastest option. Comments. Am I missing something here? Cheers
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