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  1. Looking for project

    As scouting has said. What type of projects genre wise? Have a look through the showcase and indie project forums and if you like anything there you can approach devs as well.
  2. Yeah. At the moment im looking at the best way to integrate and I have a basic example working. Was easier to integrate then first thought. What my first goal is to have my level specific game logic running through the script. There are a few things that I take for granted in c# i dont have for lua like enums. They other piece i need to understand is the impact on the global table with so many objects and methods in it. Already looking at metatables for variable storage. Apparently you can create lua global tables for each object from what i can see. Anyway. Will see how i go. Xlua sounds promising. Would like to be able to recompile my lua too. Don't think nlua supports that.
  3. I would check that its accumulating correctly. Side by side, I just quickly chucked in a road texture to show.. My corners can have a higher def spline, I just have no such need of high detail due to the nature of my game, but here is an example of what you are trying to achieve. The UV is only updated along the run of the road. I calculate the U component on each row, hence you if I up my spline sample set I get a nice smoother component like hodge mentioned.
  4. You not only need to calculate from the middle you should also accumulate your u value so you don't restart your u value each section. Your white line down the middle indicates you are restarting.
  5. What i meant was. How did you find the experience of using it 😊 i want closer sorry 😊 I'm trying to come to terms with incorporating lua into my game control code but set the moment in struggling with the conventions around integrating it. Spent a couple of hours last night and only had the simplest of samples working.
  6. How is Discrete Math used in video games

    I would assume that Finite State machines, Game AI would be part of the discrete mathematics spectrum. Djikstra's algorythm's for path finding would also be an area.
  7. AI / LUA / C++ / Game Math Library Questions

    Im having the same thoughts about what I need to do in LUA for my own engine and scripting also. Firstly, picking the right LUA library (my project is in C# also). But I feel I will need to do as you are doing, bind my complex functions and leave the very basic scripting to LUA. Interested to know what your goal with the LUA scripting will be.
  8. How have you found it? I am looking to integrate into my C# based game.
  9. Strafe : Air Support

    Version 0.72 is up. Visit the facebook page for the download link as usual!
  10. I would assume because non instanced just doesn't offer up much more, did they optimise DX 12 for instanced versions?
  11. I would assume its only minor. With instanced you need to load another buffer into the GPU to be referenced. BUT, for single draw you need to reference a constant buffer with the related Matrix in it for transformation. DrawInstanced although a little more work would be the best way forward, especially as you could pack all your instance matrices into 1 buffer for all your different models, and just reference an offset.
  12. Well I did a test run, and the yes, the clearing of the Z Depth was 1.0f, when it should of been 0.0f (as its the back now!). But something weird was happening, my models were rendering back to front (pixel wise) which contradicted my terrain that was rendering the right way. Even shadows after the change worked. Couldnt track the source of the issue, as the models used the same projection matrix. The Z test was just backwards on models only...
  13. Rotating source vector to destination vector (2D)

    Edit, its 2d, what I wrote was 3d.
  14. That's probably the issue! On a side issue, when looking into my stencil state, i realised I haven't been setting it at the start of the frame. So its relying on the default for the driver. That was bad, if anything from this I have found a potential bug.
  15. Definitely been using 32bit for z buffer, no use for stencil in what I have been doing. I swapped the depth, around, and updated the less/greater comparison. But getting no rendering atm. trying a couple of things. will turn off z test all together just to see what happens. Will let you know