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  1. Nightwing52

    Want To Be Part of a Professional Studio?

    Do ya'll need any programmers? I know C, C++, C#, Java, and HTML. C++ is my specialty though.
  2. Nightwing52

    Vulkan is Next-Gen OpenGL

    Although it's true that Vulkan performs much faster than OpenGL, I don't think OpenGL is going anywhere anytime soon. Now, engines such as Unreal and Unity will perform Vulkan under the hood, but nobody in their right mind will code in Vulkan (have you seen this "simple" Hello Triangle?). However, I think it'll be interesting to see what happens. Who knows, maybe we'll all end up coding with Vulkan. Computers will continue to get faster, but so will our ambitions, so Vulkan seems like the new future of graphics processing, but OpenGL will be here to stay due to its "simplicity" (at least compared to Vulkan).  :D
  3.      Hello! I'm going to be making a 3D multiplayer first person shooter where the players are robots battling for supremacy. I'm a good programmer, but having to do all the animation too would probably kill me.  :blink: I already have the models (thank you Blend Swap!), but I just need someone kind enough to animate them for me (you'd be the best person ever!).  :wink:     There are actually very few models you would have to animate. For now, all I need is somebody that can texture and animate this mechanical robot, a walker, and a drone. I'm hand coding this game (better performance and control that way), so there will be next to no time constraints!  :cool:   Anyways, time for this rant to come to an end. ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated! My contact details are down below. Have a wonderful day!  :D email: tyler.russell1@aol.com Steam: Nightwing52 (my profile picture has the Linux penguin on it) Skype: tyler.russell1
  4. Nightwing52

    In Need Of Character Modelers

    I forgot to mention. There would only be one main character to model. All other "characters" will be robotic stuff like sentries and low-poly robots.
  5. I'm going to be developing a game called "Access Denied" with a friend of mine. Right now, I am going to do programming and environment art, while he does animation. However, we have one HUGE problem. We're both terrible with 3D modeling. I'll get better, and so will he, but if we want this game developed any time soon, we'll need someone who already has those skills. The requirements aren't that high, you just need to be able to do a better job than me (which won't be hard at all XD). However, we'll all be using Blender, so it might be best if you do too. Anyways, just email me your Skype name if you're interested. My email is "thebomb99534@gmail.com." Yes, I made this gmail when I was twelve. XD
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