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  1. SENSBoD


    Work on customization. The tank has three parts, which can be customized. You can imitate country flags (two or three colors): More complicated flags: Various skins: Also there will be several kinds of camo and other patterns:
  2. SENSBoD


    Update 1.09 https://www.dropbox.com/s/963wwpzpxnz9pza/ProjectMiniTANKS.apk?dl=0 Added: - Teleport; - New AI targeting;
  3. SENSBoD


    I had feedback about AI aiming problem, so I made changes to the aiming system. Old version - one line to the center of the player. If there are no obstacles in front of target, then AI make a shot: New version - two lines to the player: So now stationary turrets and tanks shoot more realistic.
  4. SENSBoD


    Update 1.08 https://www.dropbox.com/s/963wwpzpxnz9pza/ProjectMiniTANKS.apk?dl=0 Added: - New joystick;
  5. SENSBoD


    Update 1.07 https://www.dropbox.com/s/963wwpzpxnz9pza/ProjectMiniTANKS.apk?dl=0 Added: - Survival Mod; - Increased size of the gun sight; Survival Mod is under development. The size of the arenas and other settings will be finalized according to the reviews. In the next update I'll remake virtual joysticks (make it dynamic).
  6. SENSBoD


    Update 1.04 https://www.dropbox.com/s/963wwpzpxnz9pza/ProjectMiniTANKS.apk?dl=0 Added: - new types of trap; - new type of enemy - the movable turret; - ability to resize joystick; Added new levels, old changed to reflect the new features.
  7. Developer: Bogdan Dolishniy Genre: Arcade/Action Content Rating: Everyone   Description   ProjectMiniTANKS (game hasn't final title) is a tank arcade mobile game.   Features   - Dynamic tank battles - Original visual style - Simple intuitive control   Current condition   Working android beta. Current build includes 11 levels.   Screenshots       Download https://www.dropbox.com/s/963wwpzpxnz9pza/ProjectMiniTANKS.apk?dl=0   Please feel free to give me feedback or criticise my work. Also contact me if you have any questions.   I'm looking for a programmer who will help me with multiplayer. Also need help with ios version.
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