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  1. KenDoll

    Looking For Experienced Java Developers

    Hey I'm Kenneth.      I am a Java programmer too. I have been working on a 2D animation program, I have an old project you can look at on www.animate.work.  The new one is different, but has some similar concepts, using JFX instead of Swing.   Thanks
  2. I seem to be confused by your chat board, I'm not sure if you would ever see my message, as you may not even be logged in right now. You can email or SKype me, reverie.sakana@gmail.com. We could video chat if you want to see my software project.
  3. Actually, I've already studied C++ quite a bit. I just haven't used it so it became dusty. I learnt things from objects to templates.  Actually, I am going to be studying Python this semester in school, I think Python may be worthwhile. I do dig Java, however, so if you could work on something in that, maybe I could work faster. I read a chapter about 3D in JFX, and it is much like two dimensional. There are three properties which need to be defined for custom 3D objects: coordinates, 2D texture plane[for the 3D object] and texture winding  order.    I have been working on a 2D animation program, I believe it has gone well so far.  Although, I was hoping for 3D that I could use Blender instead of making my own. You can contact me by email or maybe Skype reverie.sakana@gmail.com.
  4. Hey,     I'm Kenneth and I'm looking for some people who program in Java and would like to engage in hobby projects with me. I'm currently working on a  2D animation program for JFX.  The software I'm making is meant to help making games easier, by allowing you to create objects and animations then import them into other things.     WWW.animate.work is my website and you can see my old project which worked with Java Swing, the new one should be more sophisticated.   Thank you, Kenneth
  5. Hey,     it sounds interesting but I am only working on 2D stuff in Java. You can use Jython if you know Python. I'm currently working on a 2D animation program for JFX.   Thanks
  6. Hey I'm Kenneth. I sent you an email. Reverie.sakana@gmail.com.     I'm interested in making some complex 2D stuff to start off, but need more education for more complex stuff.
  7. KenDoll

    Looking for a programmer

    Hey,    I program in Java. I don't know if your idea interests me.  There are tons of tower defense games around, and even more of those Warcraft III spin-offs are coming around. I'm interested in ideas. I'm interested in meeting new people. I'm not sure if we can find an idea if we are both interested in. I'm not too serious about it, but may enjoy trying. I mostly have made 2D animation stuff, that is what I'm working on now.   Thanks
  8. Hey James,     I'm a student and programmer as well. lately I've been working on a 2D animation program for help with JFX game development. I am familiar with C++ although primarily work with Java. I know what SFML is too, I believe it is a 2D windowing library which allows programmers to access OpenGL in C++. I am interested in hobby weekend stuff too, and finding a buddy as well.   reverie.sakana@gmail.com, you can email me or add me on Skype.   Thanks
  9. yeah,  I may be interested. I'm a Java programmer.  You may contact me reverie.sakana@gmail.com or use that for Skype.   Thanks
  10. KenDoll

    Need Help With Art And Coding

    Hey, don't listen to people who think they know it all. You might find someone to help you for fun. There are people interested in hobby stuff. I might be interested, but we will have to speak more.      Send me a message. Thakns
  11. KenDoll

    Unity Help Deciding On New Language

    Hey     So I'm not a complete expert but I'll give you my two cents for fun.    Java is a great programming notation, although it has lots of outdated libraries, some of them are still useful.     The answer to your question lies within what your goals are: If you want a programming notation that allows for RAM addressing and copying of all objects by value, bit by bit, then obviously C++ is the way to go.  If you want something maybe a little faster than Java and/or something that can compile to x64 then Python or Cython are probably good choices.   If you want something that can be used to create internet applications, in browsers, but has more organization and easier to use than the weaker notations, Javascript, then go with Java.     My personal recommendation is Java+ Jython and C++.  Hopefully someday something a bit more ideal than C++ will come around, but as of now there is only Python, Cython and C++ for using C libraries, which are the root of OpenGL and Vulkan commands, as far as I know. Actually, on second thought I believe there are a few more, maybe something like that lisp. There are also a few newer notations like Clojure and Kotlin, but those both compile to Java Virtual Machine codes too.       Java is compiled, although it compiles to something that then gets run through an interpreter, but it is thought to run nearly as fast as C++, at about 1.1x the speed.  I found this data in Killer Game Programming, near the beginning of the book, its an O'rielly book with a wild cat on the cover.      C++ is a bit less than perfect, as somethings require some extra lexicons compared juxtapose to other notations. but, C++ is certainly the most prominent notation today, arguably the very most important of all. I believe this may change, but for now that is how I see it.   Thanks
  12. Hiya,     I'm  a Java programmer, not expert, who is interested in finding some easy going, altruistic, hobby programmers who may be interested in sharing thoughts or possibly even content for software.       I'm Kenneth Dallmann, I own Animate.Work. Animate.Work isn't baroque but I plan on hopefully getting better stuff in the future. Thanks Kenneth
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