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  1. you guys will not check this at runtime, will you?  :(
  2. You are not realizing, this is the reason why people complain so much about sensitivity ,being not the same as in previous versions, wich leads to always changing sensitivity settings and therefore having the placebo effect, including professionals!  ie since 2012 can you imagine? :) back in days i was a freak about commands, i had a wodden machine and every comand had to be perfectly balanced for me to have the best performance (fps) so i learn every single command in cs 1.6 :) and i remmember if we added trailingzeros to sensitivitycommands including fov's per example it would have a slight different effect! like in csgo with m_pitch command! So valve have no clue about this, probably they looked for it back in 2012 and they just took floats variables into account forgetting text to float, well what can i say. Or that, or cs have a huge bug in the way they handle traillingzeros, but C compiler automaticly cuts them right? i think the actual source engine SDK is outdated because it only shows 0.022 on m_pitch and not 0.022000 or might be valve doing it on purpose so everyone who test it believes its placebo, when im getting crazy with all the possibilities, i wish i had the knowledge to put things to test and prove this once for all. Sorry guys...  
  3. One more thing it could help, default of m_pitch is 0.022 m_pitch is locked and visually displayed in console as 0.022000 if we change m_pitch value in the config that game loads it will have no effect when we test m_pitch, this means when we change the m_pitch value to 0.022 it still displays 0.022000 if we change it to 0.0165 it will display 0.0165  
  4.   you 'd be impressed with the amount of bugs that cs:go engine has  :)  and no it is not placebo effect  :)         not my problem, but csgo problem; well , I came here without any notion of programming and learned something , and now we have a hypothesis in relation text - > float conversing parsing The people who took the time to test in game confirmed that there was a difference , so in fact there is something wrong as these values ??are analyzed by cs : go engine, I do not have the slightest clue in terms of programming , but I will not spend money in something that can not give me any kind of refund. Contrary to you guys ; It is only because it is the game number 1 worldwide in fps , and therefore it would be good for some of you ( developers ) are able to decipher, could result in some kind of contract by the valve . That may look innocent , but that's how things work in most cases 
  5. Thank you very much.  :)  How can i test text->float parsing ? i need to have programming knowledge right?
  6. Yes, the game loads a config file and the m_pitch command is in it. The config is text if we open with notepad, has the name of config.cfg Can someone please link me a website where i can convert?
  7. Nope: 32 bit value as float as double 0x3cb43957 -> 0.021999998 / 0.02199999801814556 0x3cb43958 -> 0.022 / 0.02199999988079071 0x3cb43959 -> 0.022000002 / 0.02200000174343586 0x2c0cbccc -> 0.000000000002 / 0.0000000000019999999920083944 0x1b71c901 -> 0.0000000000000002 / 0.000000000000000200000006274879 Sorry, what this means in relation to 0.022 and 0.022000? can you please explain  :P Is Servant correct?
  8. First I have to say that do not have scientific knowledge for programming , I'm just exposing a problem/bug in search of answers  :) The default value of m_pitch is "0.022". This command is protected by Valve, we cant change it. so, The default value of m_pitch is "0.022" but is set to "0.022000" by Valve, making it impossible to fix. (only if sv_cheats 1) So, everyone is playing with "0.022000" instead of the default "0.022" ------------------------------------------- a small doubt 0.022000 is a 32bit single precision float value right?   They must have between 7 / 8 digits right? why 0.022000 only have 7 ? That means they can generate values ??such as 0.0220008 / 0.0220009 right? If yes, Servant is correct :) 0.022 and 0.022000 have the same binary representations, at least in web converter  
  9. OH Yes, that might be correct also  :)  Discarding this hypothesis , what else will be able to cause this difference?  
  10. I try to explain better in here, please look https://s7.postimg.org/ye5pzn2p5/asdadsad.jpg And the problem is, the game says default "0.022" but is set to "0.022000" ! and we cant change it, it's protected! Why does this happen?
  11. I appreciate that, but this is not about some visual bug , there is a real effect that changes the speed of sensitivity . where it comes from I do not know but its because of the complementary 0's after the value csgo will calculate both values ( horizontal yaw factor and vertical pitch factor ) ( both values ??will determine the speed of sensitivity ) m_yaw 0.022 + m_pitch 0.022000 = 0.022000 wich is faster than m_yaw 0.022 + m_pitch 0.022 = 0.022 why additional zeros make the speed sensitivity slightly faster ?     once again I thank you, what are my alternatives to prove it? I do not have enough programming knowledge to know what is causing this, so I came for help.
  12. It is not a visual bug, contrary case there would be no difference , or was there? Of course I 'm not comparing values ??in different games , it would be solely stupid. The sensitivity has not changed in any cs game , the CS has always had the same configuration standard when it comes to sensitivity. (Relative to m_yaw and m_pitch) Do not take this as offensive, but you look a little confused on this matter and I will not continue to answer you , I seek help in relation to the performance of both values ??and not supostes guesses among other unrelated aspects you referred to. Thank you anyway.
  13.   By telling your friend about the difference, you already affected the outcome of their response.   Also, are you sure the value itself, used in the engine, is actually different?  The conversion from string to float has been discussed, but what about from float to string when displaying it in the console?  I'm still a little confused where you actually got the numbers from, you said there's a config file but then talked about the source code?  Is the value in a plain text configuration file that gets loaded by the game, or are the values in code that get used by the game?  Are you just displaying the numbers after the fact (in the console?) to see that one is 0.022 and the other is 0.022000?  If you're just relying on the console to see the difference, then the console might just be padding extra zeros when converting the value to a float (for readability, spacing, etc).  This could mean that the sensitivity difference is something else, perhaps a mechanics or physics change in the core gameplay itself.  The same values would lead to different behavior because the core mechanics that use the value has changed. Yes , I am sure that the value is set as 0.022000 and not as by default 0.022 And in terms of sensitivity , this difference is something that you can visually identify with some ease , if you are familiar with the game . Here's where I got the numbers, https://s31.postimg.org/nzmukfzzd/image.jpg ,and beyond the console , we can also see and edit the config that is loaded by the game. The values ??are loaded through a config text , but there are commands that the game does not allow to change which is the case of m_pitch You can edit your game config and set m_pitch to 0.022, but when you run the game it will be automatically changed to 0.022000 what do you mean, when "perhaps a mechanics or physics change in the core gameplay" ?
  14. No, but will be faster than 0.022 or 0.022000 :mellow: I do not know why the default value of cs is 0.022 , I just know that 0.022 is the value used from 1999 to the present day , 2016 , and currently from 2014/2015 the m_pitch value can not be changed because became a protected command, and although says in the console that the default is 0.022 , it is not set to 0.022 but to 0.022000 , which causes to slightly increase the mouse speed and consequently (according to the opinons of players and so like mine) it is not so accurate. And this is reflected in the control mouse movement / aim ; that in the competitive edge , as well as casual, makes the difference between hitting a headshot or not.  I seek help to know , and prove as 0's cause the mouse movement to be slightly faster. It is the number 1 World FPS E-Sport, in a game like CS each pixel makes the difference and that is why professional players ( 95 %) use low sensitivity , and therefore we feel every "millimeter" when we move the mouse and  we have the perfect idea where our movement will stop. Obviously relying on human error , but in this case, we are talking about the mouse movement speed , not human error. Entering in agreement with m_yaw 0.022; Changing m_pitch value of 0.022000 to 0.022 will cause the mouse speed sensitivity to be slightly slower , so the accuracy of each player will be improved.  
  15. So, I decided to look for new settings in the game to play in a different way and fun and decided to test some commands with respect to the mouse until I saw the m_pitch commands and m_yaw I saw that one was 0.022 and that another was 0.022000 I decided to change them, but not could not because one is protected (m_pitch) so I started researching about this command and why he is protected because in previous versions of counter-strike was not protected; It could be changed, but it was illegal to change m_pitch in competitive matches and his value in both the cssource and the cs1.6 was 0.022 then I saw that the cs:go sets it to 0.022000; so I went to my own server (offline) and tested 0.022 vs 0.022000 to see if there was any difference, and in fact there is a difference is a slight difference, but it is still a difference, which is crucial to the competitive edge . In my opinion, since 0.022 is easier to control / aim, I assume there is some sort of bug in the Valve configuration config, taking into account, that the old values, in both different previous versions ??of cs were 0.022 and not 0.022000; To make sure I was not having a placebo effect, initially I told a friend the difference and told him which of the two was slightly faster / slower, and he confirmed that there was indeed a difference. I kept telling other people, and they confirmed; until I decided to change the way I say; might be putting some "pressure", and decided that they test them without any "track," I said, test m_pitch 0.022000 and m_pitch 0.022, and tell me if there is any difference. They ended up saying 0.022000 was slightly faster than 0.022, and that they felt better with 0022 and "could not be true because they were the same numbers", so I decided to search more about these values ??and found that they are floats and they work differently from casual mathematics ; so I decided to seek help to prove this, because i do not have the necessary knowledge
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