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  1. extreme64

    Adobe Acquires Allegorithmic

  2. extreme64

    Frogger - Models and First Version

    #godot ;)
  3. extreme64

    Project Management

    R nice, more ppl need to see this !!!! +++
  4. More luck and fun with next one
  5. extreme64

    Medieval Story released

    Plenty of projects never see light... have that in mind. Like the ambiance
  6. extreme64

    Growth mechanics for city builder

    Fancy that. That way, harassing someones cits/workers, get a nice buff in tactical priority.
  7. Neat and compact insight into how to break into game dev. industry
  8. extreme64

    Growth mechanics for city builder

    a.k.a progressive
  9. extreme64

    Growth mechanics for city builder

    Uhh wish I could see a bit of gameplay Oh yes for the flexibility, and generally, I'm personally all for it. But what I meant is that it's too early to put numbers on a game that is just an idea (perhaps I tuck you post numbers too literally). With out a whole gameplay concept, it's hard to judge. e.g. Imagine Stronghold having economy part 1 fold more complex. It might require additional time for a player to deal with it and as a consequence when you actively having a siege on an enemy castle, your economy will tank because it is not been enough actively managed. Here an actual example. Stockpile in SC1 vs SC2 game. In the original (Crusader), when a player is not starved for resources, it get's clogged up, but in a SC2 you have an auto sell future. To me, it's a great improvement to the game. You improve gameplay efficiency with out reduction in any department.
  10. extreme64

    Growth mechanics for city builder

    This is too much of a sterile approach. Be more considered about generic game flow and tempo, and look how would certain pop cap affect it across the game duration. Do you have any code/game done?
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