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    RPG Style Game. Every Position Needed!

    I agree with Roots, but I am not as nice of a person, kudos Roots for advice well given.   The lack of details in this post is amazing.    I am sorry, but this sounds a bit over reaching, and is made even more worrisome by the very nature of its ambiguity.    The fact that you call for every position also raises some questions.   1. What active role would you take on in development? (besides owning the idea) 2. How much do you know about any one aspect of development. (Can you actively produce things?  (write code? create assets? music?)) 3. What is the core mechanic of this game, and does it make for fun, unique, or engaging game play? 4. What game engine were you looking at? Unity, UR, a house engine? 5. Is there any concept art? (proof of concept would go a long way.)   OK so you're new to game development.  I cannot say that I am an expert, but I would give you the following advice, plucked from my experiences.   1. Start small, and by small I mean damn near microscopic. 2. Pick up an aspect of game development, and practice it, everyday.(coding is good if you have a clear big picture in your head.  it also lets you prototype ideas.) 3. Realize that as a new developer, and without a huge... (and I mean huge.) team, you will not make games to the scale of big studios(see 1.) 4. Concentrate on making something fun to play, hell, concentrate on making something YOURSELF, ANYTHING, even if that something is completely broken! 5. Realize that this is a pursuit that takes years, will have it's ups and downs, and there will be No Instant Gratification. 6. Have fun!! If you are not having fun, well, you should be doing something else ;)
  2. Looking for a project I can help work on part time in Unity for the experience. (paid or unpaid)   I am moderately capable when it comes C#, and know my way around the unity game engine, especially when it comes to 2d.   currently doing strictly prototype work.   here is a recent example of a prototype.  I am doing the code and the music for this, the art is owned and created by a friend.     programming languages known -Python -C# -Lua -A brief usage of c++   programs known: visual studios Unity Fl studios Piskel some photoshop ableton tiled level editor   Please feel free to send me a PM, thanks :)
  3. if you already know C# I would go with unity. 
  4. I only have experience with unity2d.    Unity2d uses C# or java-script to write scripts that plug into the unity engine.  C# is very approachable with time, practice and patience, and the unity editor is a joy to use, with lots of support online for both java scripting and c# scripting and EXCELLENT documentation!   I am not sure what type of scripting Game maker uses...
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