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  1. You are doing an uncorrect syntax of mat4 constructor and there is no need to specify the f of floats in GLSL, it should be  mat4 buffer_modelMatrix = mat4(1, 0, 0, 0.5, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 1);
  2. Supremacy Song

    Card Reader

    How a card reader works internally and how is it created(the lab process)?
  3. Supremacy Song

    Autocomplete Tool in GLSL Editor

    I knew that C# with windows forms was easy to get this kid of job, but when i noticed that the Autocomplete class doesn't support multi-line TextBox's i come to try out with c++, after trying to create a custom listbox as an autocomplete class. But if you suggest me to forget about C++ then i would do that on C#. Thx :D, i would publish that editor as fast i can get it developed(that would have a little window at the left of the textbox that wikl show up your shader rendered in some different primitives polygons forms, something like ShaderToy but as local app).
  4. Hey guys, i'm a kind of begginer on OpenGL. I have created a TextBox in C++ with an Input Event Manager, what that's actually getting if some key of the kkeyboard was pressed and update the text on the textbox with these key pressed. I have too a text file with all the reserved words of GLSL sintaxys(gl_Position, uniform variable, vec3, ect....). Since here everything is okay, now the problems comes when i want to add the autocompletion tool (a string that get these input keys pressed and if some of them is actually same as some of the words of these text files, create a box with an scrollbar to shows this up and write it into the textbox is some of these words was selected clicking enter or with left mouse button, and then delete the memory size of these string to make a loop). As you can see in these longer parenthesys i have more or less the theory but, i don't have any idea how to start to developing it, cuz as far as i know there are no functions that actually makes that in the windows header(yeh im using Windows.h to create the textbox and the input manager, i thought i should had added these at the start). SO i would have to develop it by my own, which is hard for a newbie c++ programmer(i start learn it as same time ago as opengl). So if anybody here gives me an idea about how to start or how draw a box where you include all the words of these syntaxis glsl file, it would be awesome :D.
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