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  1. I mean linear game play along with the linear narrative.
  2. Well, at the very least this has been a learning experience so far.
  3. The "If only entertainment didn't need to be constrained by profit" remark was not literal my friend. And simply throwing more people at a problem doesn't lead to a solution or a quickened outcome, if anything, it can be a hindrance. Brook's law for example. I doubt that the behavior of game development is that linear. Metro Last Light was made by what, eighty people? Took three years and its longer than most fps games on the market. Halo 4 took around the same amount of time ( if not longer), had around 350 people, and was no where near as long(granted it had multiplayer with ten maps). And Metro Last Light managed to maintain consistent quality. I understand that creating games is a huge investment for companies. Plus, 100+ hours is a bit much for any story. Not even rpg main story quests are that long. By long I mean around say 40-50 hours. 65 hours at the most.
  4. I see. So the kind of game I'm proposing is too ambitious and not practical then? I guess I can accept that. But will there ever be hope of anyone doing it even if it's not practical? Such things do happen many times in other industries like the movie industry. Avatar was quite ambitious and payed off immensely. Then again you do have failures like Valerian. If only entertainment didn't have to be constrained by profit.
  5. Can you elaborate, if you don't mind me asking? Sorry, I'm sure I must be coming off as pretty ignorant right now.
  6. But doesn't that really depend on the developer? Given that aside, will such a game be generally forever out the question or it will ever be possible in the future as game development becomes easier?
  7. Sorry if it came off that way. Allow me to reiterate. I understand that many game devs really do try to give players an experience beyond just fun. The Last of us I feel is a good example. But even with that considered, nearly all games like that rarely give you more than 25 or more hours. Halo , Half Life , Killzone, Bioshock etc,. all generally last around the same time. And yea, the comparison may not have been best given the circumstances, but I was simply wondering why such a game has never been made. I not asking "why aren't there more games like the absolutely most expensive games that already exist?". I'm simply asking why there isn't any linear narrative driven games that have anywhere near as large an amount of play time relative to games like Fallout New Vegas for example. I'm not expecting a 5000+ hour campaign. I'm just asking why we hardly see such games even hit the 35 hour mark. And of course, Quality> Quantity, but I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. Imagine that Half Life 2 is the game equivalent of the novel Time-Like Infinity. Around 253 pages. How difficult would making a game equivalent to the novel The Naked God be? 1,174 pages, still high quality.
  8. But would the resources used to create a game with parallel acts be more demanding than a game like GTA V? And I understand its a business but why not ever try to go beyond just letting someone have fun and instead provide an experience that you typically don't get with linear games. And you can actually then move on to a new story line as well, since you didn't split up the "acts". Would it really be that risky? Isn't it the same amount of risk and used resources as say a new ip open world game that took 5 years to make?
  9. Not sure if I have this in the right category so if it is wrong, forgive me. Now let me elaborate. Look at games like Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, GTA, or Fallout. Each one can give 200+ hours of gameplay and story through tons of quests. But then when you look at linear games( i.e. one path, set story, little to no backtracking, cut scenes) you'd be lucky to hit 20 hours. For example, Halo, Uncharted, The Last of Us, etc. Don't these games take less effort to create in many aspects? Even Half Life 2 which is considered a long FPS is only around 20 hours( For my play through). Persona 5 and games like that kinda cheat since they use the same 5 areas for the entirety of the game besides palaces and mementos(still great games). I mean a game where you travel from point A to B to C and so on. Let me make an analogy. Imagine playing Halo: Combat Evolved. You get to the end and you think "wow that was fun". But instead of it ending it was merely the first act. Then what would have been the Halo 2 campaign was the second act. Then the Halo 3 campaign is the final act. You know, a 60+ hour long experience. Look all the time and resources put into GTA V. If one were to put all that to such a linear game, couldn't such a result happen?
  10. I found the new death stranding trailer to be a bit cryptic though. I'm also tired of developers announcing games thousands of years before release. Anyways, do you guys have any theories of what they will be about?
  11. Hey guys, I'm currently starting to learn blender. I don't want to start UE4 until I can create assets easily in Blender. Does anybody know any good resources for learning these two applications? I have followed some tutorials for Blender which resulted in the clock and cup i attached. However the flower I attached is my first attempt at a very basic flower. As you can see, I have a large amount of work to do. Any recommendations? I'm trying to get to pixar and photorealistic levels so I can have an easy time when I start creating my dream game. I plan on getting a really powerful rig this upcoming summer.
  12. Dinocorpshunter4

    Do you ever have to worry about your stories being stolen?

    Some of the "ripped off" characters in Paladins were available in a public beta before the "original" character was ever shown to the public in Overwatch... which would make Overwatch a rip off of Paladins?... or alternatively both are rip offs of team fortress + generic fantasy archtypes...   Also note that even if one of these games was a direct clone of the other, copyright has no issue with that. Generic ideas, themes, settings, archtypes -- e.g. "a dwarf who is good at engineering" -- are not protected IP. Thanks. That makes me feel better actually. I appreciate the honesty.
  13. Hey.  After many years of contemplation I finally decided to make my science fiction story into a game. I just registered it for Copyright. My question is do you guys ever have to worry about your stories being stolen? Personally I find myself to be paranoid but that's with everything I do in life. Is there any reason to be afraid of someone making a ripoff? For example, look at Paladins and Overwatch. I think I'm good considering I keep my files on a flash drive and work on them offline. The only way someone would know about them is if they hacked my computer during those work periods and downloaded them remotely. And as unlikely as that is, I'm still worried about it. And I haven't told anyone my story yet other than a close friend. I want to post a sample here(following the guidelines) but I'm worried. Do you guys think I'm paranoid And please be honest. Brutally if you have too. I want to know if am any good at some point.
  14. I would assume you must first be skilled at drawing before moving on to modeling and animation. Unfortunately, my art sucks. I attached a file showing how bad it is. I can see the world I have created in my head clear as day but I can't put it on paper. I assume I need technical knowledge on drawing, such as anatomy. I can only imagine how naive I seem in regards to the subject.   
  15. Dinocorpshunter4

    How Would I Go About Creating My Dream Game?

    Several reasons. I find that video games are a great storytelling medium since you get to interact the the characters and world. The Last of Us had me care more about the characters than any comic, book, or movie did. Plus, I figured a game would have a bigger audience. I don't really care about the money, I just want to share my universe. The best book publishers usually require giving away some of the rights to the ip. I did plan on self publishing a book series that had a shared universe with the game. I seriously considered comics but a video game would make the world that much more believable in my opinion since it would be in motion and had actual sound and emotional expressions. I eventually plan on starting a game/animation studio. I find that animation shouldn't just be for young audiences.
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