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  1. Ahmio

    What to Use for Bug Reporting?

    Thanks for the link, I haven't seen mantis before. Have you used it (or something similar)? It seems like bug reporting isn't a massive problem with indie games.
  2. This looks really good. Have you used it?
  3. Hey guys, What do you guys use for bug reporting? Is there any software that can integrate right into the game and add relevant info into the report? If not, I'm thinking of making this myself. Would you guys use something like this?
  4. Ship orientation for large ships is a good idea too. It shapes the battlefield by having each side try to maneuver into "blind spots"
  5. Ahmio

    Pokemon Go. Similar Ideas?

    @jbadams: yeah, seems like you're right. I have a couple of ideas to drastically decrease server load however. @spooneystone: yeah I agree! I feel like these kind of games are awesome. Thanks for the reply. @kseh: maybe, but regular mobile games are just as grinded, if not more so. You're also forgetting that exercise helps make the game more addictive (you feel good, etc) @ravyne: nice analysis! I agree with everything you said (except pogo gyms being fun :P) I think my approach won't rely on needing a critical mass of players, I'm aiming for a more side genre kind of game so gps is a draw, just not the main draw. Thanks for your input! @hodgman: yeah I feel like this is the perfect time to enter. The breakthrough game hype is dying down and there's not much similar games. @dr.penguin: fair enough, you need a reason for people to explore. I thinking the hardest part will be finding a balance between the local and non local parts. Thanks! Hopefully your game is going well, seems like an interesting idea.
  6. Ahmio

    How Would I Go About Creating My Dream Game?

    Start making small games, and in each game, do something that will contribute to your "Dream Game" Eg. Game #1, make a combat system Game #2, Inventory etc   And by the time you are good enough to make your dream game, you've already made, tested, and hopefully refined all of the components.
  7. Ship graveyards and debris/asteroids. Also, if you want to go crazy, have some SUPER BIG ships (like MASSIVE) that are so big they shape the battlefield
  8. Ahmio

    Pokemon Go. Similar Ideas?

    :lol:  No way, I'm using Mapzen right now. Packing it all would make it a 50TB app  :P  Good point tho. The cheating is my main concern, and tbh right now I'm not too sure how to approach this. Any ideas?
  9. Ahmio

    Pokemon Go. Similar Ideas?

      Haha I like the idea. I'm not totally sold on the ghost idea, but this gives me a lot of ideas for camera/gps/accelerometer usage. Thanks a bunch!   @Orymus: Well, geolocation can be done using mapping services + creating spawns/points client side, so no server needed.   @Dr. Penguin: So, using Pokemon as an example: Go hunt for pokemon that are generated locally, then PvP, etc online (without GPS)? I like the idea, this seems like the approach I'm going to use. Thanks!
  10. Ahmio

    Pokemon Go. Similar Ideas?

      Fair enough. Maybe better wasn't the right word. More actual gameplay is what I meant. Hmm yeah that could be a good idea, I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for the input.   A game I have played for a while is Zombies Run: https://zombiesrungame.com   This game encourages exercise in the real word to collect money and resources to build up your base.  SixToStart the guys who develop it have a number of other exercise games that encourage you to get out and about.  I'm not entirely sure if all there games actually use the GPS or are just using your devices as a pedometer but, they are still different in that you are encouraged to get off your arse to go and play them. http://www.sixtostart.com   Oh wow, Zombie Run looks awesome! Using the pedometer gives me a lot of ideas (and lots of problems :lol: ). Thanks!       Well, you're also assuming I'm going to have the same gameplay as Pokemon Go. I don't think the critical mass will be as important for me, as I'm going to start with single player features then expand into multiplayer. The waving around phones is a good point, so ideally the game would be more discreet? Alright, will do, thanks! About that marketing budget tho...  :lol: Any ideas for cheap marketing?   Fair enough, but what about a completely original game? Obviously I can tailor it to fit, and I'm hoping that a game with more to do can overcome the no-brand hurdle (Pokemon GO doesn't really have much to do). You're right about the server issues, but I'm thinking of starting with single player and then going multiplayer gradually, so ideally this won't be an issue for me. Thanks for the feedback tho!
  11. Ahmio

    Pokemon Go. Similar Ideas?

    Oh wow. Interesting stuff. Some very good points. I agree with you that a similar game wouldn't fare too well, but what about a game that has better gameplay and a solid amount of non-gps content? Maybe some AR usage too?
  12. Do you guys think anyone would be interested in a game similar to pokemon go  but with without the pokemon brand? I feel like these GPS based games are quite interesting, but I'm not sure whether it would be better to improve on the monster catching formula or make a totally different game.   What do you guys think? An improved pokemon go or another type of game?  (maybe an rpg, or something like monster hunter)
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