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  1. schismSE4

    Exciting New Blog

    Looks like there's something wrong with the blog. There are no posts on the front page like none of them will load from the database. The direct links don't work either   :unsure:
  2. Can you add me so I can submit a pull request on Github. Username is LizFrazier.
  3. Hello. Which language/engine did you use for this?
  4. Hi!   I played the game and I noticed a couple things from a gameplay perspecitive: if you move the paddle toward the ball fast enough, the ball will actually move though the paddle before bouncing. Most times the ball will still reverse direction, but sometimes the ball will go through the paddle completely and not bounce. A few other times I accidentally hit the ball downward (hit it with the bottom edge of the paddle), but the ball still bounced upward.
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