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    Need Help With Art And Coding

    Ok my idea for the side scroller is that. aliens attack earth and begin destroying our citys and its your job to stop them act one you fight thou the streets and people start to get infected after beating boss one you have to choose to nuke the earth or let the infected keep working for the aliens....  act 2 aliens start using tracker beams to pull building and the earth apart and you jump and ride the pieces thru a wormhole ending on a space ship which you crash land on there planet in the boss battle. then fight your way to final boss and find out your name is Adam and you and your wife eve who you freed have the choose to return to earth through a time traveling wormhole or blow your brains out and end the cycle 
  2. Buddhist-Cowboy

    Need Help With Art And Coding

    It would be shared profits at a 33/33/34 split and would be set in stone in a contract. im not just a idea guy i have a lot of experience with unity. just looking to fill the gaps i have in my skill set. And the new mechanic of the third game is something new and would be easily copied to other games. Im looking to be a designer. Not just the idea guy, the person who puts the parts together.  this is some of my work. This is work i have done on the 2nd game.         Roots thank you for your insight. and maybe i didnt explain all that well not really looking for someone to do the work for me just some help on things im not as good at. i have 800 + hours in unity and many games that i have built only to delete after getting stuck in coding and not finding answers,or just didnt find the ideas fun to play.    Edited for bad link
  3. I have many game ideas. 3 are well fleshed out stories. 1 i have been working on for 6 years or so, but i know it would be to hard to build by myself or even a small team. 1 could be built with a small team working for a long time on it. and the third would be easily done in a few months of spare time. I'm good at coming up with ideas people say are cool. but  after years of trying to learn C++ and C# the only thing i have learned, is I'm no programmer. i mean i can do basic code like setting up controls and ray casting, but stuff like AI is not in my skill set. So I'm looking for a coder and a graphic artist to help get the easiest of the 3 off the ground to fund the second and the second to fund the third. The third would be a new and ground breaking game that takes minecraft idea mixed with civilization and spore, with a new mechanic not seen in any game i have played or heard of.    Ok so the game i need help with is 3d side scroller loosely based off contra with space aliens. where they've taken your wife eve and you have to fight them to get her back 30 levels 3 acts with a few good twists, 3 boss battles, and a twisted sense of humor.    What i need. Artist and Programmer Artist to make enemy and player assets.(i can animate) Maybe a few environment details to. so 5 basic enemy per act and 3 bosses... so around 20 models  Coder to help/make AI and traps and power ups, maybe a few other assets.   
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