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  1. Turns out it was update related. Going to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\WindowsUpdate\AU and setting the "UseWUServer" key to 0, rebooting and then going back into "Manage optional features" and the "Graphics Tools" package was available again.
  2. Hi, Is anyone running the 1709 Windows build? ever since I updated, the call to D3D12GetDebugInterface no longer works with an error of "This method requires the D3D12 SDK Layers for Windows 10, but they are not present on the system." on previous Windows builds I'd install the optional graphics tool package but that doesn't appear to exist any more.
  3. Bovine Creature

    What kind of game developer are you?

    First system was an Atari ST; I think Elite was my favourite on that.
  4. Hi, I must say I've also experienced similar woes with the Fury X for development while it is fine with games. I just do hobbyist game dev but do see odd things for example there was a situation when I was trying to inspect a draw call via the Visual Studio Graphics Debugger to investigate an issue I had but it would end up crashing it; yet running the exact code base on a machine with a Pitcairn 7850 it would be fine.   Previous AMD cards seemed to have been fine such as the 6970 & 7850 although I was deving DX11 stuff rather than DX12 then.   I've run your project on a couple of systems and indeed get the same results as you with my Fury X. On a 7850 I get consistent results between the x86 & x64 executables. On a Piledriver CPU 8350 I also get consistent results between the x86 & x64 although oddly I will sometimes get random garbage. Attached are the logs in case you are interested.
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