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  1. I am currently in development of an upcoming 2d Multiplayer game called "Zed" . It will be unique as it will open world game & will be survival game , gaining elemental powers as they level up and select their skills .        We will work as a team so , its not a pay and work job . Rather we will be earning after release . You can test the game , overall it already have a multiplayer setup which is scripted manually & is up on a server . We are planning to release within 3-4 months and then will be continuing to develop further . Release Targets : WebGL , android , ios I need 1-2 artist's , few c# unity geeks to work mostly on client sided part (i.e. in unity3d engine) & maybe a designer , musicians. My team already has 2 artists who have started just a day ago .   Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/OnlineZed/
  2. We have started on our new Project , named Zed . The Game is a open world fantasy 2d and Targeted on Browser [initial] later android / ios      We already pretty much have a server setup which i created last month which has a simple facebook login/connection/database/sync/server-side enemy/collision system , so our team can kickstart !   Its just day one and our artists have started creating sketches , have a look on of them , https://twitter.com/ZoeLove02/status/760188129865109505   We have lot's of plan for game , from story to earnings ! So why wait and see other taking your place !   Interested  ? let me know . Theres still place for 2 C# unity programmers , musicians and a designer !  
  3. ZoeLove02

    Need Help With Art And Coding

    Actually @roots is right !
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