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  1. hoggypX

    Can't Reply On Chrome

     I had the same problem, not with this site, but it doesn't matter anyway. Someone told me to  check my IP  in case I'm blacklisted. However, as it figured out  When you're in Chrome, in order  comments to work, you have to enable 3rd party cookies.  I always had them disabled in Firefox, so I don't know why this is different.  However, for security's sake, I still have them disabled overall and added an exception for Google/Blogger.   It seems to be working.
  2. usefull info for me as for beginner thx
  3. Cool! now i wanna play it... back in the childhood
  4. hoggypX

    Composing an Indie RPG Title Track

    usefull article. thx a lot for posting
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