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  1. ok, I got my work cut out for me. Since my last post and your recommendations, I had another chat going back in a visual basic forum. Though, I won't want to use vb, it's still helpful to try some simple techniques out. I did my first from scratch matrix manipulation. I just rotated a single point at origin 90 degrees. It's really lot's of fun. I look at math tutorials on khanacademy.org. I previously created a vector class with some basic vector arithmetic. After all the comments, I think I will have to go full speed on 3D stuff.
  2. No, I mean for creating a simplified project like Eye of the Beholder, using modern 3D, compared to a full 3D application. Is there an example for something like this, such as a tutorial?   I went about 20 pages into the articles here, but there is not much related to this type of game.
  3. ok, If I take the 3D route. Other than the math or api specific learning, is there an example out there for this? Any programming language.
  4. Yes definitely, and with all due respect, I am new here and I did not want to try to sound smarter than with the many experienced people in these forums. So to keep it simple, my idea is to agree with the last post. I am more than interested in 3D math, but I really would like to solve the problem in terms of simple arithmetic. So far even though it's difficult, I had the opportunity to extend my knowledge. Just one thing. The moving to C++ part is something I'm still interested in doing, but after learning some about binary custom files, I realized that .NET or Java are in fact not just good for tool development, but the underlying structure of most games and someone mentioned that C# is the way to go with most new development in games.
  5. Thanks for the many responses. The Eye of the Beholder document, I found. It's really why I ask additional questions. It was too confusing to follow. Also, it uses a solid maze structure, that does not allow you to pass through a plane in the basic design I think. I'm not sure, but I had trouble deciphering it.   CJ_COIMBRA   What language are you building it in. I understand SFML is both C++ and .NET.   Tangletail   Thank you for the detailed explanation. I am leaning toward C++, Today I just finished a 5 hour session with Visual Basic, trying to do what I posted about and working without 3D is hard, but I don't have 3D math knowledge except for a few basics. I'm an older programmer, out of school for over 20 years or so and I never really had a formal education in computer programming. So this will take a while.   Thanks again for the responses.     ...Alberth   For sure I won't scale up, too much trouble as is!
  6. Not just in this thread, but everywhere - I hear the same thing. I think it's time to learn some 3D game development.   Any suggestions on a simple intro to this? I would like to do this with C/C++. I found Dungeon Craft which is open source, but the code might be somewhat difficult for me to follow, because of lack of experience. I don't want to program in Java, and I am trying to distance myself from .NET. Don't get me wrong, .NET is great, but I finally realized the limitations of Visual Basic, in terms of program structure. Powerful language, but a little too clumsy now and no interest in C#, for the same reason as not wanting to use Java. Also, I prefer to stay away from DirectX, so I am looking into SDL or SFML. I really want to keep things lightweight. Even straight C is a consideration.   I think this would be a great first serious game project which I can then extend into Eye of The Beholder, style and from there, whatever comes next.
  7. I searched many places on the Internet and I have problem finding information on rendering not exactly Pseudo 3D but, a View such as the game Bards Tale or Eye of the Beholder. To start, I would like to keep it simple and do something like Bard's Tale.   So I am looking for information on how to organize a view. so a player can move forward, backward and turn left and right. The screen would need to update with a set of graphics that would composite a view. It sounds simple, but organizing it is a little difficult if I want it to look good. The stuff I found on the Internet is very hard to follow and not clearly written.   How do I know how many images I need. How do I know how much depth I need and etc. An organized explanation would help. I am familiar with C/C++, but I can follow other code examples.   Can someone help me or point me in the right direction?
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