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  1. Hi,   I have been looking for someone who is both talented and enjoys 2d sprite making.  I thought it would be fun to combine talents to create a great game and make some $ while doing it.        Needed Experience with the Below 2D Sprite Art Programming   Game Concept Fatal Fury - SNK style 2D Fighter   Market Retro Gaming   Completed Soundtrack All SFX / Voice Acting Rough Draft Drawings of Characters Writing Marketing Package     Listen to Completed Character Selection Track https://soundcloud.com/nero-the-burning-of-rome/chosen 
  2. Christocke.marketing

    2D Fighter (Designers Wanted)

    Avid fan of the 2d fighter genre...  Professionally, I work in advertising and marketing, and have been composing music for over 20 years...  Currently seeking a talented programmer who has the same passion for the gene of classic 2d fighters.   This is a project for fun, but if it ends up being something of quality, we could pitch it to Steam or Gog and sell the soundtrack as well.    Project:  2 D Fighter Heavily influenced by the original KOF / Fatal Fury series.  I have been wanting to work with a skilled developer for a fun side project for steam release.   Soundtrack I can produce a soundtrack that is heavily influenced by early 90's fighters...  Music that really fits the genre.   Controls 4 button control jab / heavy punch low kick / high kick   Charachters 8 Character selection with 3 bosses   Modes Story Arcade VS   My Background Composer Artist Writer Graphic Designer Photographer Videographer Marketing Contact Chris Tocke Christocke.marketing@gmail.com  
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