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  1. Game Create Studio presents: A Police-styled FPS In a world of what can be done but worry? What can you do? Since you are a good person you save people from the crime that goes down in your city. Play as a police officer saving lives, arresting criminals, perform traffic stops, stop bank robberies, and much more. Game Mechanics: - Break down doors - Do traffic stops - Play as Swat - Execute arrest warrants - Take down high risk targets - Police pursuits - Play with friends online - And much much more Game idea: A open world game where you play as a big city cop stopping crime and saving lives. Other things The game is based in the real world but the location has not been chosen. Job roles needed 3D Modeler C# programmer Unity3D animator Artist (sound/music or pictures) Level/Game designers UI/UX Designers If you have a talent you can help How to help Join our discord group: discord.gg/tbpp64c
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