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  1. amitydev

    Amityville '76 - Horror Game Development

    Couple of shots from recent progress,filling out environment of the garage mainly and progress on the red room under the stairs.Been working on getting game play starting point all in place and still experimenting with nailing the right look.
  2. amitydev

    Amityville '76 - Horror Game Development

    Still progressing slowly on this project,made a huge overhaul of the model a month or so ago to make it more accurate scale wise and have been updating a lot of the rooms.Recently working on third floor bedroom and bathroom and messing around with some .gifs just for fun.
  3. amitydev

    Amityville '76 - Horror Game Development

    Making progress improving my model and getting it closer to the real location. I've been experimenting with more 360 images,baked lighting and generally just adding more details and polishing the interactive elements.          
  4. amitydev

    Amityville '76 - Horror Game Development

    Thanks for the comments   The house is a replica as close as possible to the actual house in 1976,the game will cover the facts of the case and the house history closely to start with (such as the previous owners and the real murders) before going into the more supernatural elements (these are arguably fiction  but based on elements the owner claimed at least). I'm going for something closer to Resident evil 7 more than Five nights at Freddy's if that makes sense...a little more linear gameplay and would like to include a mode that allows the player to just explore the Amityville case without the supernatural part since it would be a nice inclusion I think. It's a one man project though so slow progress!.   Below is the latest image showing work in progress on the livingroom.  
  5. amitydev

    Amityville '76 - Horror Game Development

    Been a while since I updated,the project is still in progress but moving slowly off and on. Recently been adding some game play and working on adding atmosphere and various fx,also experimenting with the Nvidia 360 panorama image exporter.The aim eventually is to get a interactive promotional trailer made for Youtube 360 / VR but need to get more stable frame rate before then.   Below are a couple of test images which can be interacted with on the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/AmityvilleGame/          
  6. amitydev

    Amityville '76 - Horror Game Development

    Lots of work going into the interactive elements and well into working on game-play now.Working on various event systems and experimenting with triggers,looking into ue4 matinee and animation sequences and just generally figuring how everything should come together. Couple more experimental .gifs I put together,the rain/lighting wont actually appear till later in the game and will only be seen from inside the house (and be more subtle).      
  7. amitydev

    Amityville '76 - Horror Game Development

    Some recent progress on the exterior (lighting and landscaping) plus a .gif experiment of some fx I'm working on.        
  8. amitydev

    Amityville '76 - Horror Game Development

    Past week or two progress has been on modelling and polishing some of the rooms,improving general look and beginning to add smaller items. The key interactive props still need modelled and added and in the coming weeks a lot of the wear,clutter needs to be added to bring the environment to life a little more.   I've been testing various lighting setups and tonemapping to achieve the look I want and working out various concepts for the gameplay as well as looking into potential support for VR including Vive.   Images show some updated rooms as well as progress on the kitchen starting to take shape-                
  9. amitydev

    Amityville '76 - Horror Game Development

    This week I've been working on expanding several room and putting the final large objects into others,still experimenting with lighting set ups- the images below are lit versions where interactive lights are turned on.                              
  10. amitydev

    Amityville '76 - Horror Game Development

    Bit of progress fleshing out some of the rooms with more models,need a second pass on couple of models and materials. Experimenting with lighting a lot as I will be using baked/mapped setup mixed with interactive lights,trying to get that clean as possible before the environments totally finished.      
  11. Amityville '76 is a first person horror game set in one of Americas most notorious homes.  Set in 1976 you can explore a recreation of the infamous house,uncovering the varied history of it's owners as the night progresses.   The project aims to use slow building suspense,exploration and gradually build the horror elements and will make use of the time period to add a classic 70s horror vibe.   It's being developed in Unreal 4 as a solo effort,aiming for Steam Greenlight.   Project Links- Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Amityville-76-507790356077477/ IndieDb http://www.indiedb.com/games/amityville-76 Twitter https://twitter.com/AmityvilleGame   Collection of work in progress environment screenshots. Working on building the interior,recreating wallpapers,furniture from reference photos plus experimenting with lighting and basic interactive mechanics. These show first pass of getting larger parts into place and will be detailed as the game develops and props / smaller key objects are added.                  
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